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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid (Thaumiel designation pending)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber, and closely monitored for changes in behaviour. It is to kept in containment at all times, unless requested by Dr Capulus for testing.

While unlikely, SCP-XXXX moving to a new host is a possibility. Any personnel interacting with it are to be screened for potential shifts in behaviour. In the event of SCP-XXXX moving on, Containment procedures are to be revised immediately to account for potential behaviour changes in a new host.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a non-corporeal, sapient entity currently inhabiting the body of a woman in her mid-twenties named Sky ████, a non-anomalous human hereafter referred to as SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-1 is approximately 1.6 meters tall.

SCP-XXXX replaces the personality of the person it inhabits; when it disengages, its former host returns to their former persona and behaviors, with some additional traits present. Former hosts tend to be altruistic, friendly, and compliant with Foundation requests. Extended surveillance has shown hosts experience no ill effects aside from loss of memory of the time spent inhabited, lasting anywhere from a week to several months depending on the length of their habitation.

The source of SCP-XXXX’s anomalous effects is currently unknown. The entity projects a field of effect, taking the shape of a sphere approximately twenty meters in diameter; any living entity entering this field will almost immediately become calm and docile. Affected subjects report that feelings such as hatred, anger, disgust, and fear are replaced with positive emotions, with effects lasting up to an hour after interaction. However, extended contact with SCP-XXXX can cause the subject to enter a comatose state, forget to breathe, or experience a dangerously low heart rate. As such, care is to be taken when interacting with SCP-XXXX.

Several Foundation personnel have been found to have an innate resistance to SCP-XXXX's effects. Those with a natural resistance to memetic effects are less affected, however the recipients of transplanted organs, prosthetic limbs, or pacemakers seem to have a stronger resistance.

Due to its powerful effects, SCP-XXXX is being considered for a Thaumiel designation. The Ethics Committee is to discuss the ethical ramifications of pacifying unwilling, sentient subjects before a more permanent decision is made about it's designation. Until then, it is to work only under the close supervision of it's current handler. Someone immune to SCP-XXXX's effects would also need to be found, as most personnel interacting with SCP-XXXX have shown impaired judgement immediately following interaction with the entity.

SCP-XXXX was first discovered in southern Australia, when reports of strange behaviour came to the knowledge of Foundation personnel in the region. The entity itself was found when 14 people of various occupations, mostly emergency services, were found in a residential home listed as being owned by SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX was at the centre, and despite field agents falling under its effects, it was willing to submit to Foundation containment. Psychological evaluations showed personnel suffered no permanent effects from exposure to SCP-XXXX.

With SCP-XXXX’s assistance, its former hosts have been named and pinpointed both geographically and chronologically. Over the course of its existence, SCP-XXXX has inhabited over 200 hosts, almost all of whom resided on the eastern coast of Australia and/or originating from New South Wales.

According to data, SCP-XXXX has been in existence for approximately 240 years, since the continent was first settled. It claims to have no knowledge of any events before this point, and cites that inhabiting its first host was akin to waking from a dream. See Interview Log for details.

Addendum XXXX-1: Psychological screening into Foundation personnel immune to SCP-XXXX’s mental effects have found several possible candidates for a handler to make use of SCP-XXXX as a Thaumiel. After some deliberation, Dr. Hazel Capulus has been chosen and transferred to Site-45 where SCP-XXXX is contained, to work in conjunction with it in study of sentient, but hostile, SCP objects.