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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not being tested, SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a cardboard box on a table in a concrete containment chamber in Site-██. At the end of testing, a visored guard is to enter and place the object back into its box. Access to containment chamber outside of testing is prohibited.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a piece of A4 lined paper with a blue margin approximately one inch from the leftmost edge. The object itself doesn't have any extraordinary qualities, nor does it appear to be very old. A single sentence saying "You are reading a piece of paper." is written in black ink in moderately large handwriting on the fourth line of the object.

Once a person reads this sentence, more words will begin writing themselves on the object. The exact words that appear will vary from person to person, but they will generally follow this pattern:

  1. Describing the initial reaction of the reader.
  2. Describing the reader's confusion as to how the new writing has appeared.
  3. Describing the reader's confusion/concern as to how the writing is interpreting the reader's thoughts.
  4. Describing how the reader wouldn't be able to stop reading even if they tried.
  5. Stating how if the reader does stop reading, they will die.
  6. Manipulating the reader to become more dependant on the words.
  7. Stating that the reader must concentrate harder on the words because doing so will cause them to live longer.
  8. Leading the reader to fear what happens when space on the object runs out.

The writing will then reach the end of the object, usually cutting itself off mid sentence. The reader, in their desperation to live, will turn the object over to look for more words. Upon finding none, the reader will suffer fatal cardiac arrest, presumably from fright. As soon as the reader is dead, the newly formed writing will fade away, leaving only the initial sentence. This entire process takes approximately two minutes.

While reading the words on the object, the reader will become unresponsive to any attempts to communicate. As the aforementioned process advances, readers will show increased signs of anxiety and fear, increasing at an exponential rate until death. Others viewing the object will remain unaffected by SCP-XXXX until the initial reader is dead and the newly formed writing has faded. The reader themself appears unable to stop looking at the object unaided, requiring another person to remove the object from their line of vision. Reactions to the object being removed from the reader's vision differ depending on how far through the process the object is (see ADDENDUM-01 for more details).

Addendum-01: SCP-XXXX was discovered in ██████ █████ School in █████████, England by Agent [REDACTED], acting as a paramedic. She was dispatched to the school after multiple 999 calls reporting the sudden cardiac arrests of two students. When on scene, a student described to her what happened to cause the cardiac arrests, including the self-writing words and the students' inability to look away. After enquiring, Agent [REDACTED] retrieved the object and called in a response team. Class A amnestic was applied to all witnesses of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum-02: During the following tests, two D-Class Staff members are placed in a room with SCP-XXXX. One (the reader) is instructed to sit at a table in front of SCP-XXXX and avoid reading the text until otherwise ordered. The other (the secondary) is instructed to avoid looking at the object until otherwise ordered.

__Test 01 - ██/█/19██ __
Researcher: Dr ████
Subjects: D-4652
Procedure: D-4652 takes role of reader. D-4652 is allowed to read SCP-XXXX until death.
Results: Results align with eyewitness accounts. D-4652 was unable to remove the object from her vision and did not respond to any attempts to communicate. After roughly two minutes, D-4652 suffered a fatal cardiac arrest.

Test 02 - █/██/19██
Researcher: Dr ████
Subjects: D-1359, D-2802
Procedure: D-1359 takes role of reader. D-2802 is instructed to remove the paper from D-1359's vision after D-1359 has been reading for fifteen seconds.
Results: D-1359 expressed discomfort about the fact that SCP-XXXX began generating text by itself, but apart from this showed no signs of psychological damage. The newly formed text on the object had faded before it could be timed.

Test 03 - ██/██/19██
Researcher: Dr ████
Subjects: D-44863, D-1112
Procedure: D-44863 takes role of reader. D-1112 is instructed to remove paper from D-44863's vision after sixty seconds.
Results: D-44863 did not react as D-1112 moved SCP-XXXX out of his vision. After he could no longer see the object, D-44863 suffered a panic attack, followed by a loss of consciousness. After waking, D-44863 showed increased signs of paranoia and anxiety, but no deterioration in physical health.1

Test 04 - ██/██19██
Researcher: Dr ████
Subjects: D-8524, D-1658
Procedure: D-8524 takes role of reader. D-1658 is instructed to remove paper from D-8524's vision just before the writing reaches the bottom of the object.
Results: D-8524 suffers fatal cardiac arrest.

Conclusions: The reading of SCP-XXXX seems to be fatal past a certain point, and every death seems to be attributed to fear. The exact mechanisms that causes SCP-XXXX to function are still unknown.