Para Jomosu: porfavor cambia todos los numeros del scp (SCP-XXXX o SCP-5000) por un 6000 (SCP-6000)



hey dude what's wrong?!.

it's here ,it found us!.

hey dude what's wrong?!.

Please read the XXXX file now!.


you still there?!.


SCP-XXXX WAS LYING US! it waited the perfect moment, it never tell us that it can "turns itself into water"… it waited the perfect moment and escaped… it killed 8 guards and leave hurted other 5…
we can controll it in some way but… not now Scott

> On.
Hello, welcome to SCIPINET Login to start.
> 4l3x5cPf0nnn.
Welcome, type your command.
> OpenFile=XXXXfil3
Opening file… insert credentials
> 65438436
access granted