Hectopia Rev 4
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    Item#: 5000
    Containment Class:
    Secondary Class:
    Disruption Class:
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    Threat Level: Blue


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      Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be contained in a reinforced humanoid containment cell with two (2) centimeters of solid steel with a reinforced window, said window must have an emergency door pushed by pistons that does not leave pass liquids, the window should not be opened except to supply food, the feeding of SCP-XXXX consists of: meat of any kind, tree bark1 and, mostly, water, SCP-XXXX should not come into contact with any blood If the window is open, the emergency door must remain closed and vice versa, the doors of the containment chamber and the gates of the entrance to the containment area must have a similar system.

      The containment area must have a heating system that maintains the temperature between 52 and 60 degrees Celsius, the containment area must have generators that must work 24 hours a day; In case of a containment breach, the pistons must push the gates and must only be opened for the containment of SCP-XXXX.

    Special Containment Procedures:SCP-XXXX must be contained in a estandart humanoid containment cell with a reinforced window, said window must be pushed by pistons, the window should not be opened except to supply food, the feeding of SCP-XXXX consists of: meat of any kind, tree bark2 and, mostly, water, SCP-XXXX should not come into contact with any blood, each request of the SCP-XXXX must be processed by a staff of level 4 or higher.

    Description: SCP-XXXX is a mass of blood from the height of the average adult (1.70 meters), has 2 black spots that act like its eyes and are placed where the eyes of a human being should be, SCP -XXXX has a small oral cavity that acts as a mouth, SCP-XXXX is able to speak: Spanish, English and French fluenty, also Latin was discovered by accident when saying salve omne3 as a "Joke", an investigation to discover the composition of SCP-XXXX shows being composed of water ,blood and researcher trevor's lungs4.

    It is known that SCP-XXXX has the ability to eat food, the method in which it does is still unknown, even so, the SCP-XXXX does not have the ability to “Eject its waste”, it is believed that SCP-XXXX absorbs the 100% what it ingest, SCP-XXXX can change the viscosity of its mass from being moldable as clay to being completely liquid as water, when coming into contact with any type of blood, SCP-XXXX will increase its height and mass proportionally to the amount of blood absorbed this effect does not occur with other foods or liquids

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      Being in an area with a temperature between 52 and 60 degrees Celsius SCP-XXXX will become tame, however, being in an area with a temperature higher or lower than the one already stated, SCP-XXXX will become aggressive and attempts to contain it by force or deny something will end in the SCP-XXXX becoming violent.

    SCP-XXXX is docile, and cooperates with the foundation on multiple occasions.


    Interviewed: [SCP-XXXX]
    Interviewer: [Dr. Jacob.]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Hello SCP-XXXX]
    SCP-XXXX: [hello who are you?]
    Dr. Jacob.: [I'm Dr. Jacob. what your name is?]
    SCP-XXXX: [i am SCP-XXXX]
    Dr. Jacob.: [do you have any other name?]
    Dr. Jacob.: [I understand … where do you come from?]
    SCP-XXXX: [I… must not reveal… ]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Do you know who created you?]
    SCP-XXXX: [no…]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Do you know why we call you SCP-XXXX?]
    SCP-XXXX: [everyone call me SCP-XXXX]
    Dr. Jacob.: [What was the first place you remember being?]
    SCP-XXXX: [England… but i don't remember the exact place]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Do you know anything about the foundation?]
    SCP-XXXX: [I remember us very well]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Huh?]
    SCP-XXXX: [I know us very WELL]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Keep calm *pause* Can you tell me more about that?]
    SCP-XXXX: [I recommend you to stay away from what you don't care]
    Dr. Jacob.: [And I recommend YOU to keep calm… ugh, let's just continue]
    SCP-XXXX: [Yes… It's a good idea]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Is there more like you?]
    SCP-XXXX: [Well… There is more blood out there… Isn't it?]
    <END LOG>
    Conclusion: SCP-XXXX refused to answer more questions]]


    Interviewed: [SCP-XXXX]
    Interviewer: [Dr. Jacob.]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Hello again SCP-XXXX]
    SCP-XXXX: [Hi! it's nice to see you again]
    Dr. Jacob.: [I come back for make you a few more questions]
    SCP-XXXX: [Allright, let's start.]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Can you tell me where do you come from?]
    SCP-XXXX: [I already told you, England.]
    Dr. Jacob.: [No… who created you!]
    SCP-XXXX: [They… I… just…]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Keep calm and try to remember]
    SCP-XXXX: [I… Br…]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Britanic?]
    SCP-XXXX: [BRADFORD! I was created in Bradford!]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Well… thanks, do you know anything else?]
    SCP-XXXX: [hum… i know it was in a dark place…]
    Dr. Jacob.: [A dark place?]
    SCP-XXXX: [There was tubes everywhere]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Tubes… anything else?]
    SCP-XXXX: [I don't remember anymore]
    Dr. Jacob.: [You want to share anything else?]
    SCP-XXXX: [no…]
    Dr. Jacob.: [Fine… do you know who you was before that? At least you was someone before]
    SCP-XXXX: [Yes… Trevor…]
    Dr. Jacob.: [trevor █████?]
    SCP-XXXX: [Yes… Goodbye]
    Dr. Jacob.: [But…]
    <END LOG>
    Conclusion: SCP-XXXX refused to answer more questions]]

    Dr. Jacob.'s Note: Now we know what we are confronting… a cult dedicated to create "perfect humans" making "abominations… but well… we have seen worse things.

    Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX seems to have certain human abilities and needs such as: blinking, being able to feed (it is believed that SCP-XXXX could perish due to lack of food) even if it cannot “defecate” or that (at least so far) has not shown a reproductive system.

    Addendum XXXX-2: SCP-5000 was initially contained in ███████, Canada. Multiple investigations have been carried out to determine the existence of more instances of SCP-XXXX.

    Dr. Jacob.'s Note: We should know what SCP-XXXX meant by saying: "there is more blood out there", my hypothesis is that: "if SCP-XXXX absorbs more blood, by getting bigger, SCP-XXXX will begin to multiply" up to now, nobody knows if this is true but, let's be honest…

    Nobody wants to try it …

    History: SCP-XXXX origins dates from an Satanic cult called "The Un-human cult", when trying to create an "immortal" being when trying to make him not need blood to live, the ritual apparently went wrong resulting in SCP-XXXX being created and, eventually, escaping through the sewers, the body temperature of the sacrificed man (apparently) was 56 degrees Celsius, it is unknown how SCP-XXXX remembers things before its existence, the body of the sacrificed man was identified as the researcher: trevor █████ (part of the foundation staff)

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      SCP-XXXX request log:

      The template for the requests will be as follows:


      Petition: A Tv.
      Status: Accepted.
      Notes: very suspicious…

      Petition: A sheet.
      Status: Accepted.
      Notes: Well… it's not a bad petition.

      Petition: A mobile.
      Status: Denied.
      Notes: N O

      Petition: A painting.
      Status: Accepted.
      Notes: Well… Why not?

      Petition: air conditioning.
      Status: Accepted.
      Notes: This is familiar to me…

      Petition: Clothes.
      Status: Denied.
      Notes: Just… Why?

      Petition: Books.
      Status: Accepted.
      Notes: literature is good right?

      Petition: A couch.
      Status: Denied.
      Notes: Just no…

      Petition: A computer.
      Status: Accepted.
      Notes: Why not?

      Petition: A clock.
      Status: Accepted.
      Notes: Losing track of time is bad.

      Petition: Shoes.
      Status: Denied.
      Notes: He could get into a sewer and cannot be without shoes.

      Petition: A chair.
      Status: Accepted.
      Notes: …

    Dr. H█████. note [DENIED]