Item #: SCP-3725

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3725 is to be locked inside a 4 layer room consisting of Titanium, Steel, Tungsten, and Chromium. All locks are required to have an 18 digit code and no less than 3 special characters. All people accessing SCP-3725 must have Level 5/3725 clearance. Any unauthorized access to SCP-3725 will result in immediate termination.

Description: SCP-3725 is a 12cm x 19cm leather-bound book. On the cover of SCP-3725 is a nameplate that reads "Book of Wishes". Compound tests imposed onto SCP-3725 have revealed that the composition of the book is 98% Leather, and 2% Human Flesh. The Interior of SCP-3725 has 500 pages and is comprised of regular lined paper that has no anomalous properties.

SCP-3725 was found in an underground hole located in [DATA REDACTED]. Researchers taking part in the exploration at first thought the book was a small notebook but later found that inside was one wish from the previous holder of the book, the wish found within the book was read as "I wish to be out of this damn hole". The wish later disappeared from the book, and nobody was found within the hole.

When the subject writes a command or desire in a certain syntax, that wish will start to take shape in direct proximity to SCP-3725. People in proximity to 3725 then hear a bell chime similar to the Morphy Richards 800w standard Microwave MM82 manufactured in Swinton, the exact date of manufacture indiscernible, the wish is then [DATA REDACTED] and 3725 enters its inactive state. These wishes may vary in power, but all wishes seem to take one small to large object that the subject may value, no matter the scale of the wish asked. Any wish used in SCP-3725 may take between 1 millisecond to 6 hours to complete depending on how big of a wish was issued. Any wish that is to be granted by SCP-3725 is to be approved by no less than one O5 council member.