Item #: SCP-xxxx
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be contained in a standard 12m x 10m concrete cellar with a twin sized bed, linens being changed on a bi-weekly basis. Containment cell is to have a wooden desk, along with a chair and at least three (3) journals along with a #2 pencil and sharpener. SCP-xxxx is to be allowed to make requests for more objects, as long as with in reason.
Description: SCP-xxxx is a humanoid figure recovered in ██████, Russia inside an old Soviet bunker. It is 5’10” in height and is wearing standard Soviet World War II ground unit armor. Upon first glance, SCP-xxxx appears to be a normal human, but when given paper, it folds its skin inside out, revealing a dark figure with elongated arms. It will take the nearest writing utensil and start writing cryptograms on said piece of paper. If no writing utensil is present, it is able to conjure an ink pen, which, after an x-Ray on the organism, is not present on SCP-xxxx until needed. SCP-xxxx has been observed by Dr.█████████ to be able to solve cryptograms outside of soviet times along with modern cryptograms. SCP-xxxx has so far been observed to know the following types of cryptograms in alphabetic order: Affine, Atbash, Base64(This one is particularly interesting because it is used to encrypt computer data), Bifid, Ceaserian Shift, Double Transposition(another interesting one, as it was used by the U.S army in World War II), Morse Code, and Railfence.

Interview 1 log
Interviewer: Agent ███
Interviewed: SCP-xxxx
Agent ███: Do you understand what I’m saying?
SCP-xxxx Then gets a journal and starts writing. When done it says “K ecp wpfgtuvcpf kv, vjqwij kv, K ecp pqv urgcm.” After being handed to the cryptology department it is revealed to be in ceaserian shift. When solved it says “I can understand it, though it, I can not speak.”
After this discovery the interviews are passed on to the cryptology department

Further experimentation awaiting orders