ListCon Proposal

Proposal for [insert clever name about list here] Contest

The idea of the contest is that people have to make SCP articles with 5 elements. Each person or team must select one element from each of the five categories and make an SCP that involves all of their selections in some major or noticeable way.

The categories are:
Themes: Like tags, major components in the SCP or the story being told
PoI/GoI: Fairly self-explanatory, must involve the selection in the file
Story Element: Whether it be in the backstory, or the addenda, the event described must take place
Constraint: A specialized rule to follow or component to include in the file
Misc: Some other element that must be present

For reference, here is a proof of concept for the list. If the idea goes through, these can (and will) be edited to create a more balanced array of themes, but the current items are just examples.

Theme PoI/GoI Story Element Constraint Misc.
Memetics The Administrator Argument Between Researchers No Addenda Format Screw
Animals Wondertainment Containment Breach Containment Procedures Longer Than Description Multiverse
Government dado Enemies Working Together At least 3 Supplemental Designations1 Object Class Upgrade
Love Parawatch Neutralization Attempt Testing Logs Mnestics
Clothing Dr. Bright Foundation Creates the SCP Article Has Multiple Iterations Poetry
Outer Space AWCY Completion of Mundane Tasks Discovery Log K-Class Scenario
Memory Black Queen Testing Leads Nowhere At least 3 Images DoMC
Intelligence Unusual Incidents Unit Sabotage Cross-Testing The Human Body
Food/Drink Wilson's Wildlife Ethics Committee Intervenes Audio Files Compulsion
Objects Moon Champion Death of an O5 Member One Sentence Description and/or Containment Procedures Humor
Pattern Screamers Dr. King Making an Incorrect Assumption Extended Testing Log Oneiroi
AI Shark Punching Center Government Intervenes Purposefully Misinform Reader Cute
Architecture Nobody Large Number of Civilians Amnesticized MTF Exploration Log Shapes