Dreaming Heroics
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Item #: XXXX

Object Class: Safe (Pending Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently stored in the anomalous item wing of Site-XX, and may only be accessed for testing by Level-3 Researchers or under the approval of the Site Director. When not in use, SCP-XXXX is to be disassembled and stored in its designated locker. Bedding materials are non-anomalous and may be stored or disposed of normally. When in use, only D-Class personnel are allowed to use SCP-XXXX in a standard, locked test room under supervision of the leading researcher and one (1) guard nearby. Writing materials are to be provided to D-Class prior to testing and may be disposed of once properly stored onto the facility's online archives.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a metal bedframe with minor imperfections due to age and extensive use. Its labels, while faded, reveal its manufacturer as [REDACTED], a common producer of furniture for use in penitentiaries and asylums. While lacking both a headboard and foot board, it has railing that can be raised or lowered as needed, including heavy wear in areas commonly used to secure restraints. Prior to being obtained by the foundation, SCP-XXXX was modified to be on wheels sometime after its production. SCP-XXXX can be disassembled with regular tools and can only maintain its effects when reassembled with its own parts. SCP-XXXX was recovered from Hells Kitchen, New York after a Foundation agent planted in the NYPD assisted in a hostage situation in a project apartment. Upon arriving and breaching the apartment, police noted an adult male secured to the bed and wailing in hysterics. The offender was terminated due to hostile resistance towards the NYPD SWAT. The victim, later identified as Marcus Williams, was exhibiting symptoms of severe PTSD and malnutrition with minor bedsores beginning to form. SCP-XXXX's anomalous nature was not noted until interviews with the affected person were conducted. Upon confirmation of its effects, it was taken into Foundation custody and properly cataloged. No amnesiacs were required as testimonies of those involved consider [EXPUNGED] to simply be raving due to trauma.

SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects only trigger when used by an adult1 of any age. Subjects (hereby referred to as SCP-XXXX-1), once asleep, will quickly enter the REM state and begin to dream. Testing has concluded that, while brain activity is high for REM state slumber, it is not deviating from normal parameters and may be interrupted with no ill effects. Once brain activity has begun to peak, subjects will enter a dream state that universally share common themes of conflict, their stature as a hero, and the inevitable death that terminates the dream and wakes SCP-XXXX-1. Despite the vivid nature of their dreams, many fail to recall them past the first 15 minutes of consciousness, as such, they are required to compile their information on provided materials. Many tests end with SCP-XXXX-1 waking up as normal, but rarely will one wake in a distressed state2. See Addendum for further details. Recorded dreams are often of entirely fictional with some grounding in reality, yet roughly 15% can be traced to battles and conflicts that occurred at some point in history. D-Class personnel have also reported dreams of past breaches and their sacrifice or rescue attempts of site personnel leading to recontainment, despite having no way of having knowledge of said events. While this may pose a information leak, speculation has deemed their retelling to be unreliable and vague beyond broad generalizations as some breaches have never happened. Complied test results are available to view with approval from the Site Director or two Level 3 Researchers assigned to Site-XX.

As of 12/11/████, all testing has been suspended until further notice. See Test Result # 47 for further details.

Addendum: During Test # 4, D-2583 violently awoke from testing and began distressed vocalizations. Upon removing himself from SCP-XXXX, he began to pound on the door for approximately two minutes before ceasing. Turning to SCP-XXXX, D-2583 began pulling the bedding apart and attempting to damage its metal frame. Warnings were given before a guard was sent in to restrain D-2583. One (1) guard will now be required on standby to prevent any damage to the object.

Test # 47 - Date:12/5/████

Subject: D-2657, male, age 29

Results: D-2657's entry referred to a "great war in a barren world" with signs of heavy chemical warfare and artillery strikes. Further into their report, D-2657 describes both armies which bear uniforms resembling the British Empire (1879) and the Soviet Union (1941) respectively. Oddly, it was noted they appeared to have no identifying features - namely a lack of facial features - aside from rank and varying states of uniform damage consistent with prolonged conflict. The conflict was heavily based upon the trench warfare of World War 1 and 2, with light skirmishes in No Man's Land including a valiant charge lead by the test subject. Facing heavy casualties, D-2657 entered the enemy trench and began to assault the enemy with an entrenching tool and what was referred to as a "plasma tosser". When asked to further describe the weapon, the subject failed to recall more than its ability to spontaneous create and propel plasma and rifle-like configuration. D-2657 managed to inflict roughly fifteen casualties before being shot from behind with a conventional firearm and falling to the mud with a punctured lung. In his writing, he took great detail to note he had ample time to roll over and face his assailant. Notably, this entity had normal facial features and a name tape attached to a uniform breast pocket. Investigation into the appearance and name of this fictional soldier reveals similarities between the entity and REMOVED BY COMMAND OF O5 COUNCIL. D-2657 reported being terminated by gunshot to the head, then waking up. After a full debriefing, test subject was terminated and incinerated to prevent any information leaks.

Conclusion: While SCP-XXXX is largely innocuous, it appears capable of more than previously learned. Until more information can be gathered from D-2657 and their complied records, testing has been suspended. While Test # 47 was largely nonsensical, the appearance of a detailed entity implies the SCP may be capable of drawing upon reality, or future events, albeit with a heavily distorted output. Euclid status requested.3