Section I
SCP-XXXX is a plain envelope with words that vary from person to person [Section III.] Contained within the envelope are multiple papers, with information that will vary from person to person [Section III.] All who have read the papers have ended up going missing and caused a change in society. The only information known about their disappearance is the fact they have read SCP-XXXX.

Section II
SCP-XXXX is relatively easy to contain. It must be secured in an airtight vault and must not be opened.

**Section III*
SCP-XXXX has caused many events that would have otherwise not have happened. The appearance of SCP-XXXX varies from person to person. Some see it as an envelope with the words "Top Secret." Others may see a tablet with a digital book. The appearance of SCP-XXXX appears to change into a form that will get the nearest person to read it