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Item #: SCP-5341

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5341 should be kept in a -30°c, 10 m x 10 m x 10 m airtight room, the walls should be made out of Titanium and a coat of salt water should be applied to the outside walls of the enclosure every day, it should be monitored by a minimum of 5 tactical response officers at all times with no exeptions.

A guard should accompany anyone who enters the enclosure apart from a class D personnel member.

Once week a class D personnel member should be put in the enclosure for feeding. Any remaining limbs should be taken out of the enclosure when finished.

Incase of a containment breach and SCP-5341 escapes, it should be neutralized on site without hesitation.

Description: SCP-5341 is a seven foot male figure. Its skin is white and it has prominent canines. If it makes contact with any living being, it will kill it instantly and eat it.

If it touches a living being and is not hungry, the subject will disapear in an instant and SCP-5341 will seem to get angry, then disappear itself and it wont come back for another six hours. It is unknown where it goes.

Its only apparent weakness is salt and when it comes in contact with salt it causes serious burns.

It was found wondering the streets of ███ on █/█/██. Its origin is unknown.