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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: There is no known method of fully containing SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX has stated that it will remain in a standard humanoid containment cell for a brief amount of time
should The Foundation provide him with computer games and stable-source of beverages. Only Level-3 personnel or higher are permitted to speak to SCP-XXXX.
Should unauthorized personnel come into contact with SCP-XXXX, A+ amnestics are to be administered.
As SCP-XXXX can not be fully contained, it's wheareabouts are to be closely monitored by field-agents.
As SCP-XXXX does not travel via convential means, field-agents are to be distributed across all major cities as well as highly populated
areas. Any indivdiuals that come in contact with SCP-XXXX are to either be executed or given A+ Amnestics.
Field-agents monitoring SCP-XXXX must not have Foundation related materials present on their person, current residence, or vehicle. Track movement of SCP-XXXX, XXXX-B, and XXXX-C and avoid their sight at all costs.
Execute or administer A+ amnestics to all those he comes in contact with.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a slim, olive-skinned, human male with bright-brown hair in his early twenties. Subject is 192 centimeters tall and weighs a
surprising 45 kilograms. Subject's eyes are silver and do not reflect light. Closer inspection of the body reveals the skin to be composed of hard but flexible cartilage in a seemless scale pattern. SCP-XXXX has no nipples, nor a bellybutton
and lacks most bodyhair.
MRI scans of SCP-XXXX show subject has lungs, but lacks most vital human organs, including a heart, however, subject's body produce a pulse at regular intervals and does not appear to breathe.
Lungs are likely present so as to allow for speech. It is unclear if SCP-XXXX respirates entirely anaerobically. Further analysis of SCP-XXXX's physiology is impossible in part due to difficulty performing invasive surgery, and subject's obstinate disposition towards swallowing cameras.
It is unknown if SCP-XXXX requires sustenance to maintain his body. Subject has been known to consume food at irregular intervals and appears to do so entirely on impulse. If subject does not consume anything for approximately 6 hours, he becomes irritable. Upon 14 hours, subject becomes aggressive. At 17 hours, subject will actively seek out any form of food or drink it can find. Subject shows a distaste for the flesh of humans and reptiles. When given cooked meat, naturally and synthetically created, of both species, SCP-XXXX remarked, "These tastes like ass." and refused to eat the meat. SCP-XXXX most likely requires sustenance solely on a psychological level.
SCP-XXXX is shown to be fully capable of speaking English, but has been observed to speak in a tongue currently unknown to The Foundation.

SCP-XXXX exhibits beyond super-human strength and speed, vast intellect, and is virtually indestructible. SCP-XXXX has proven to possess a cognitohazardous effect where individuals spoken to by SCP-XXXX experience sentiments relevant to SCP-XXXX's observed mental state.
Personnel spoken to by SCP-XXXX report fatigue and a desire to see their loved ones. Other reports from personnel who have spoken to SCP-XXXX during an agitated state have expressed unexplained anxiety. SCP-XXXX is immune to all known toxins and chemicals. Any termination experiements of SCP-XXXX have met with failure as well as laughter from SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX is highly-resistant to cognitohazards and other memetic influences. SCP-XXXX is not immune to the effects of ionizing radiation, however, subject is not damaged by them either. A beam of ionizing photons was pointed directly at SCP-XXXX; at low levels, ionizing radiation is shown to cause discomfort in SCP-XXXX, whereas high levels cause SCP-XXXX to yelp loudly and avoid the beam. Subject regards it as similar to "really hot water". Affected areas of SCP-XXXX'supper layer of skin peeled off three hours after initial exposure, regrowing after another 4 hours. The peeled skin has been collected and is currently being used to [REDACTED].
Subject has shown high aggression towards certain SCP, namely SCP-682 and SCP-3901 (See Addendum XXXX.2) The SCP Foundation as of recent events.
SCP-XXXX has exhibited normal human emotions and desires, both recreational, and procreational. Subject has no known family and does not remain in any one location for very long. Subject now resides at [REDACTED] with SCP-XXXX-B and SCP-XXXX-C.

SCP-XXXX has been exposed to numerous other SCP to better gauge his anomalous abilities as well as used as a means of terminating highly dangerous SCP.
Abstracts of SCP-XXXX's Interactions with other SCP

SCP-035: SCP-XXXX placed SCP-035 on his face. After a minute, SCP-XXXX took off SCP-035 stating, "Spooky shit man." SCP-XXXX appears to not be affected by SCP-035's ooze.

SCP-173: SCP-XXXX's line of sight did not halt SCP-173's movements. SCP-173 repeatedly attempted to snap SCP-XXXX's neck to no avail. After 10 minutes, the test was ended.

SCP-269: SCP-XXXX was instructed to wear SCP-269 for one week and was not allowed to leave the facility during this time. After one week, SCP-XXXX took off the bracelet. Nothing of relevance had occurred.

SCP-343: SCP-XXXX was sat down in a room with SCP-343. SCP-343's face carried a look of indignance while speaking with SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX asked several existentially relevant questions, but SCP-343 refused to answer to them. The test was ended after 28 minutes.

SCP-682: SCP-XXXX was tasked with the termination of SCP-682, however, SCP-682's strength was comparable to SCP-XXXX's own, and although SCP-XXXX could harm SCP-682, the difference in size made it impossible for SCP-XXXX to perform any significant damage that was not immediately negated by SCP-682's regenerative capabilities. SCP-XXXX was repeatedly tossed around by the force of SCP-682's strikes, but no apparent damage was done to SCP-XXXX. As the test concluded, SCP-XXXX spoke to SCP-682 in an unknown language. SCP-682 did not give any indication it understood what was said.

SCP-2656: //SCP-XXXX is directed to stand within 7 meters of SCP-2656. SCP-2656 is then powered on. After approximately 13 seconds of exposure, SCP-XXXX began to sniffle. Two minutes later, SCP-XXXX turned around and exited SCP-2656's containment chamber. Blood was seen dripping down from SCP-2656's nose. SCP-XXXX wandered the facility aimlessly for three hours and 41 minutes before convulsing for 14 seconds. SCP-XXXX acted as normal immediately afterwards, but has no apparent recollection of SCP-2656.

SCP-2981: //A portion of SCP-2981 was introduced to SCP-XXXX during a hunger agitated state. SCP-XXXX was instructed to wait 10 minutes before eating the mashed potatoes. SCP-XXXX only waited 9 minutes before eating the mashed potatoes. SCP-2981 had no affect on SCP-XXXX.

SCP-3901: //According to SCP-XXXX, SCP-3901 frequently visits him as he sleeps. SCP-XXXX has expressed a strong desire to kill SCP-3901.


Addendum XXXX.1

Log of Event XXXX.1:

0607: SCP-XXXX has been sighted approaching SCP-001.
0609: Repeated attempts to warn SCP-XXXX were ignored.
0614: Subject approaches SCP-001, stopping short of SCP-001's [REDACTED].
0615: SCP-XXXX makes a pointing gesture towards the [REDACTED].
0629: Subject Walks away from SCP-001.
0632: SCP-001 motions it's [REDACTED], as if to look at the [REDACTED].

Transcript of Interview XXXX.1

Foreword: SCP-XXXX was interviewed on his engagement with SCP-001. Agreed to interview so long as he was allowed to finish online match of Counter-Terrorist Elite.
<Begin Log, 00h-01m-02s>
SCP-XXXX: Nice room. Really like the single, central light you put in it. (Slumps back into a chair)

Dr.█████: What you did was very dangerous.

SCP-XXXX: Yeah, well, based on what I found in the thing's file, it didn't seem like it.

Dr.█████: How did you get access to those files?! Those are highly-classified!
SCP-XXXX: I did some snooping on one of your computers. And let me just say, nice "memetic kill agent".

Supervisor: Stop the interview. This is postponed until we get this squared-away!

<Begin Log, 00h-019m-18s>
Dr.█████: Do you remember what you said to SCP-001?
SCP-XXXX: I asked if I could [REDACTED].

Dr.█████: And how did it respond?
SCP-XXXX: It just [REDACTED]; didn't say anything.
Dr.█████: You didn't [REDACTED] anything strange?
Dr.█████: Why didn't you try to [REDACTED]?
SCP-XXXX: It didn't seem like a smart decision.
Dr.█████: Are you scared of SCP-001?
SCP-XXXX: (Mumbling)
Dr.█████: What? What did you say?
SCP-XXXX: Doesn't matter, now does it?
Dr.█████: Let's try this again. Are you, scared of SCP-001?
SCP-XXXX: … (Stands up, tears open door, and walks out)
Dr.█████: Looks like that's all we're going to get out of him. Stubborn ass.
<End Log>
Closing Statement: SCP-001 either did not, or could not █████████████ with SCP-XXXX ████████████████ as it did with others. SCP-XXXX showed some effect on SCP-001. SCP-XXXX now shows reluctance to engage in any conversation regarding SCP-001. SCP-XXXX must be accompanied by three or more personnel at all times from now on while within the facility. Personnel responsible for allowing SCP-XXXX to acquire unrestricted access to a network computer are to be reprimanded accordingly.

Addendum XXXX.2
Transcript of Interview XXXX.2

Foreword: SCP-XXXX is asked of his opinion on The Foundation and other SCP, as well his origin.
<Begin Log, 00h-02m-34s>
Dr.█████: You cooled your head after the last time I take it?
SCP-XXXX: Eat me.
Dr.█████: Right, then. First question: What is your thoughts on The Foundation?
SCP-XXXX: I'd say it's decent at what it's doing. Keeping the harmful, world-destroying shit in check.
Dr.█████: Do you feel we could be doing a better job?
Dr.█████: How can we improve?
SCP-XXXX: Don't ask me. You won't like my answer.
Dr.█████: It doesn't matter if we like it or not, we want to know.
SCP-XXXX: Tough shit. (Folds arms)
Dr.█████: (Grumbling is audible)
Dr.█████: What is your opinion on SCP-173?
SCP-XXXX: Shoddy craftsmanship.
Dr.█████: Anything else?
SCP-XXXX: Needs a better paint job.
Dr.█████: Are you going to cooperate or not?!
SCP-XXXX: I am dumbo!
Dr.█████: Fine! Whatever! Next question.
Dr.█████: What do you think of SCP-682?
SCP-XXXX: (Pause) I despise it.
Dr.█████: Why is that?
SCP-XXXX: (Pause) It reminds me too much.
Dr.█████: Reminds you of what?
SCP-XXXX: Myself.
Dr.█████: In what way does it remind of yourself?
SCP-XXXX: (Pause) Next question.
Dr.█████: Oh, well, alright then.
Dr.█████: Why do you dislike SCP-3901?
SCP-XXXX: That thing has haunted my dreams on more than one occassion. I've tried to catch it, to rip it apart.
Dr.█████: No success though?
SCP-XXXX: No. Piece of shit goes POOF as soon as I wake up. I'm considering finding a sleeping partner.
Dr.█████: Have you seen SCP-3901?
Dr.█████: Alright, next question: Do you believe SCP-343 is God?
SCP-XXXX: If Mr.Hairface is God, then I'm a lemon.
Dr.█████: Do you believe SCP-001 is God?
SCP-XXXX: (Pause) (Defiant look spreads on SCP-XXXX's face) I can smash this audio-recorder if you like.
Dr.█████: Okay, calm down…
SCP-XXXX: I am calm.
Dr.█████: Okay, only one more question, alright?
Dr.█████: Do you know how you were created? Where did you come from?
SCP-XXXX: Same place you did. A nice, warm, ██████ █████████.
Dr.█████: Uh… Are you suggesting you were born human?
SCP-XXXX: Oooooh, that's a tough question. Hmmmmm…
Dr.█████: If you were born human, how did you acquire your abilities?
SCP-XXXX: Pixie dust.
Dr.█████: Be serious with me.
SCP-XXXX: Fine, I'll be serious. It was motherfucking SCP-████.
<End Log>

Addendum XXXX.3
Log of Event XXXX-C Compiled from Individual Tracking Teams

0211: SCP-XXXX is spotted in the Chicago area.
0234: SCP-XXXX begins speaking to a female individual. Individual has long, brown-hair, light complexion.
0256: SCP-XXXX gets into a black vehicle with individual. Cannot continue tracking.
0320: SCP-XXXX is spotted in Chicago area emerging from a black vehicle with a female individual.
0322: SCP-XXXX enters a hotel with individual.
0329: Visual of SCP-XXXX is lost. Setting up audio surveillance.
0340: Squeaks and moaning are audible.
0349: Audio ceases.

Upon review of SCP-XXXX recent activites, it has been determined that the female subject, now designated SCP-XXXX-C, be discretely detained and relocated to site ██ by field-agents under the guise of a "family-trip" so as to monitor the conception of the SCP-human cross-breed while not formenting SCP-XXXX's rage.

Addendum XXXX.4
Incident Report XXXX.4

On ██-██-████, SCP-XXXX appeared at site ██ asking the whereabouts of SCP-XXXX-C. When security personnel replied that they did not know. SCP-XXXX flew into a rage-induced state. SCP-XXXX began ripping security personnel apart by their appendages demanding of each one to know where XXXX-C was. Eventually, SCP-XXXX stopped asking for the location of XXXX-C and instead, went from room-to-room, killing the inhabitants. Efforts to use ionizing radiation to subdue SCP-XXXX proved ineffective as it only slowed SCP-XXXX down for 6 seconds at the most. 206 security, 3 research, and 87 D-class were killed before one researcher conceded the location of XXXX-C. SCP-XXXX was seen leaving the facility with XXXX-C in his arms. Failure to conceal knowledge of the containment of SCP-XXXX-C by The Foundation is deduced to be the result of failure of field-agents to discretely relocate the subject. The team of personnel responsible for the relocation of SCP-XXXX-C are to be terminated.