The Age Before (???? - 1700s)

  • ????: Proto-Sarkicism emerges, forming the backbone of practices involving magic and eventual thaumaturgy. Practitioners are referred to as 'Sarkics'.
  • ????: Church of the Broken God emerges, forming an alternative approach to magic.1 Practitioners are referred to as 'Mekhanites'.

The Age of Gallantry (1700s — 1920s)

  • 17??: Several prominent owners of cabinets of curiosities along with numerous adventurers, thinkers, and explorers throughout the West form a secret group called the Gallant Society (bearing notable similarities to the Lunar Society). They discover and document 'enigmas' (phenomenon, people, places, and objects which defy conventional scientific knowledge). Their membership eventually includes several Mekhanites, Sarkics, and one "Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood". Although outwardly for the benefit of mankind, the Gallant Society has deeply imperialistic and colonial roots.
  • 17??: The Gallant Society establishes contact with the Wanderer's Library and commences developing a secret network of rapid travel via Ways. Eventually, contact is made with the Factory, Alexylva, and the Fae.
  • 17??: A few Mekhanites among the North American leadership establish an informal alliance during the country's new 'Grand Experiment'. Its goal is to contain all enigmas throughout America and use them to forge an American God. This will eventually be formalized into the existence of the American Supernormal Containment Initiative (or ASCI).
  • 1892: A British chapter of the Gallant Society breaks off to form the Prometheus Society. Members include Thomas Carnacki, Ghost-Finder (with his electric pentacle). The Gallant Society's membership continues to decline.
  • 1895: With the help of Mr. Night, Richard Chappell forms the Chicago Spirit.
  • 1912: The "Kingdom of Abaddon" (a group of fae and their descendants fleeing from the Factory) is first referenced.
  • 1914: World War 1 begins.
  • 1917, July 24: Battle of Husiatyn Woods. Mulhausen (an ASCI agent) is injured by anomalous weaponry; he and several other soldiers (along with anomalous armaments) are recovered. Inspired by what he saw, Mulhausen pushes for development on a superweapon that can destroy the Kingdom of Abaddon.
  • 1918: World War 1 ends.
  • 1920: The Unusual Incidents Unit is established by the ASCI to act as part of the Bureau of Prohibition and seize anomalies in the hands of the Chicago Spirit (using Prohibition as a cover). Left to their own devices, agents of the UIU demonstrate a surprising amount of autonomy from the ASCI — eventually even operating against their interests.
  • 1926: The Kingdom of Abaddon is destroyed by the ASCI's superweapon. Mulhausen uses the ensuing chaos to consolidate power at home and abroad. The Gallant Society is gutted; members of the Gallant Society flee with anomalies through multiple Ways, forcing many of them irreversibly shut. The Age of Gallantry ends.

The Age of Pulp (1920s — 1940s)

  • 192?: An assortment of ex-Gallants and anomalous persons establish the Insurgency, a group that resists the ASCI and smuggles anomalous persons out of their grasp via the ad-hoc remains of the Gallant Society's old Way network.
  • 192?: Stories emerge of anomalous 'Mystery Men' operating in cities throughout the US, fighting monsters, union-busters, politicians, and criminal empires (such as the Chicago Spirit). Examples include a burning skeletal gun-slinger, an invisible woman, a man comprised of gears, and more. The ASCI attempts to squash this, but are distracted by interference from the rising Insurgency.
  • 192?: Although evidence suggests it may have older roots in Europe, Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting starts performing in the US — becoming a safe-haven for many anomalous persons on the run from the ASCI in the wake of the Gallant Society's collapse.
  • 1933: The UIU works in concert with several so-called "Mystery Men" to perform a massive raid on several Chicago Spirit storehouses simultaneously. The loss of power and prestige devastates the Chicago Spirit, leading to its inevitable decline.
  • 1938: The remainder of the waning Chicago Spirit's assets are bought up by Marshall, Carter, and Dark. This includes the contents of Richard Chappell's "Black Vault". Meanwhile, there is mention of 'Umberto Bumaro' — a Spanish civic engineer known for 'miraculous feats of engineering and repair in service to the State'.
  • 1939: In a climactic showdown between the Insurgency-backed Mystery Men and the ASCI, an antimemetic device is detonated. This wipes the ASCI, Insurgency, and several Mystery Men from history. Mulhausen vanishes; the American God is broken. Thus ends the Pulp Age.

The Golden Age (1940s-1950s)

Golden Age of Comic Books

  • 194?: Formation of Obskurakorps.
  • 1943, January 15: The Pentagon is completed.
  • 1945: Operation Paperclip. Wilhelm Reinhardt (a neo-Sarkicist) is brought to the United States.
  • 1947: President Truman authorizes MAJESTIC-12, jokingly referred to as the 'Pentagram' (a branch of the Pentagon that deals with anomalous threats). Reinhardt is a founding member.

The Silver Age (1950s — 1970s)

Silver Age of Comic Books

  • 1953, April 13: Project MKUltra established by the CIA in cooperation with Colonel Adrian Bowe (as part of MAJESTIC-12).
  • 1956: Colonel Adrian Bowe dies.
  • 1970: General Stan Bowe dies.
  • 1971: Project MKUltra ends.
  • 197?: The Bloom occurs, triggering the emergence of multiple anomalous persons around the world. Thus ends the Silver Age.

The Bronze Age (1970s - 1980s)

Bronze Age of Comic Books

  • 197?: General Fred Bowe establishes the Bowe Commission, collapsing several US projects (including MKUltra and parts of MAJESTIC-12) under one roof — with the goal to address the emergence of the 'Bloom' (as well as to weaponize anomalies, anomalous persons, and paratechnology).
  • 198?: An as-of-yet undisclosed disaster ends the Bowe Commission, leading to its (apparent) dissolution along with the expansion of the GOC accords to prevent the weaponization of anomalies or paratechnology. The Bowe Commission goes 'underground'. Thus ends the Bronze Age.

The Iron Age (1980 - 2001)

Modern/Dark Age of Comic Books

  • 1986, April 21st: The Mystery of the Black Vault (a two-hour news special hosted by Geraldo Riviera) is broadcast live on television. Once opened, the vault is revealed to contain nothing but dust and debris.

The Modern Age (2001+)