scp 3964
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Item #: SCP-3964

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3964 is to be kept ██km underground in site-3964, located ███km away from ██████, Iceland, inside a 50 by 50 by 30 meter hangar constructed specifically for SCP-3964 guarded by at least 5 agents armed with electromagnetic disruption weapons at all times. Currently SCP-3964 is permitted to roam around this hangar unrestrained and is to be 'fed' one D-class every 3 days. Testing may only be conducted if approved by at least one level 4 personnel and accompanied by at least two level 3 personnel. In case of containment breach MTF Gamma-9 "Bee Keepers" are on standby at all times equipped with flamethrowers to terminate all SCP-3964-2 instances and incapacitate SCP-3964. After incapacitating SCP-3964, it is to be restrained in the air and on all sides by powerful magnets.

Description: SCP-3964 is a large, bipedal robot with an exterior composition of gray flesh that is
approximately 15 meters in height. It weighs approximately 2000 kg. How it is able to support its weight is unknown given the lack of structural support in its legs. Insertion of a micro camera into SCP-3964 has revealed a motherboard within the "head" of SCP-39641 which is powered by unknown means the 'life force of humans'2. SCP-3964 has proven to be sapient and capable of speech. It has shown to have around the same intellectual capacity as the average child teenager human34. If SCP-3964 has not been sufficiently fed and is subjected to human presence, it will attempt to probe any persons within its reach with several tendrils5 and proceed to drain them of all organic bio-nutrients. While attached to SCP-3964, the said human is referred to as SCP-3964-2 until the vein is severed or the SCP-3964-2 instance expires6. Instances of SCP-3964-2 act under SCP-3964's control, prior to containment they were used to find and restrain humans until they were converted to SCP-3964-2 or if SCP-3964 had no wires left, SCP-3964-2 would ingest the victim themselves to keep themselves alive longer, providing more food for SCP-3964

SCP-3964 was found in 19██, █████, Iceland after an entire police search team went missing following several missing persons reports. At that point Foundation agents embedded in the local police department called in for a Mobile Task Force to search the area. It was discovered that SCP-3964 had caused the deaths of ███ civilians prior to capture, during the capture it caused █ Foundation casualties. Of all of SCP-3964's victims there were only three people who survived the battle between the Mobile Task Force due to stray bullets hitting the wires. These individuals were captured, questioned and amnesticized before being released. SCP-3964's origins are unknown, even to it.

SCP-3964 has shown to be quite resilient to conventional firearms but is deterred by fire and incapacitated by EMPs. Over time in the Foundation's custody, SCP-3964 has become very cooperative during testing and has shown no want to harm any personnel or escape from the facility, and has even shown regret and empathy to each D-class it has to feed upon to survive7.

Interviewed: SCP-3964
Interviewer: Dr. █████
Foreword: This interview was conducted as soon as it was found that SCP-3964 could communicate with others, the only thing making this possible was the PA system from the control room into the hangar as SCP-3964 would attempt to kill or attach itself to anyone it came in contact with.
<Begin Log>
Dr. █████: Well, 3964, we've thought you couldn't talk for █ years. What made you want to talk now?
SCP-3964: I hunger.
Dr. █████: If you cooperate you'll be given your regular "food". We just need you to answer a few things.
SCP-3964: I must feed.
At this point SCP-3964 began to pull against its restraints.
Dr. █████: If you don't cooperate we'll starve you longer and hit you with an EMP.
SCP-3964 breaks free of some restraints12.
The guards enter and begin shooting SCP-3964 with electromagnetic disruption weapons.
<End Log>
Closing Statement: Immediately after this, we have discovered more effective restraints for SCP-3964. In every other interview SCP-3964 has been unable to recall any of its origins and has generally been of no use for figuring out exactly what it is, so all other interviews have been removed.

Addendum: Dr. █████ was found affectionately referring to SCP-3964 as his "queen" and has been sent to psychological screening and reassigned. Review of security tapes shows Dr. █████ allowing himself to be attached by SCP-3964 and acting almost as if he was under the effect of a drug. Additional testing will be conducted to determine the effects on people attached to SCP-3964. Do not forget that this is a Keter class SCP and any affection shown towards it will be severely reprimanded. Extra security measures are pending.