hodot - SCP-3640

the ideas that I want to write
- anomalous TV channel that conforms to the political views of whoever is watching it
- SCP based on the wheat grinder pic
- SCP based on light sucker

Item #: SCP-3640

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3640 is to be made inaccessible by any electronic device except those approved for experimentation by O5 Command. Any civilians having been exposed to SCP-3640 are to be administered the appropriate amnestic, and any Foundation personnel exposed are subject to a psychological evaluation as soon as possible. Electronic devices cleared by O5 Command for viewing of SCP-3640 are to be housed at Site 33-H in a 5 x 5 x 5 m room with 3m thick walls of steel, with one electrical outlet connected to an on-site generator. No means of broadcast or internet connections are to be allowed within 30m of any electronic device projecting SCP-3640. Approved video and audio recording devices are to be allowed in the site upon inspection and clearing by O5 Command.

Description: SCP-3640 is a 24-hour news network named ██████ Telecast, broadcast under a frequency of ███ mHz. The frequency may be accessed from any capable device anywhere despite a lack of signal. This persists, even in signal-isolated rooms. All witness reports indicate that news segments are similar to any given American local news TV station in scope and quality of production. The studio visible in the program is largely composed of shades of blue and red - the walls, the desks, and the ceiling are all shades of these two colors, variably. There are only three anchors: a young Caucasian brunette female, a middle-aged Caucasian man with grey hair, and a bald man of African descent with a beard. No indication that other individuals are present has been detected. Attempts to identify the anchors or verify their existence have been inconclusive, as their names are never shown or stated. The program states it is providing news for the town of █████ ███, ██████, USA, though no record of this location has been found. Three different news segments are repeated in the 24 hour cycle - a headline news segment, consisting of two of the anchors; an opinion segment, by the remaining anchor; and a debate segment, with all three of the anchors. All three segments are extremely politically charged and biased, with inflammatory language and calls-to-action to its audience.

SCP-3640's most significant anomalous property is that political bias in its segments adjusts to the political views of one viewing it. See Experiment Log 3064-1. Subjects, after being exposed to SCP-3640, have noted a feeling of increased agitation and violent thoughts towards people with differing political positions, dependent on their own views. Survey results completed before and after experimentation reflect an increased political partisanship in subjects. Subjects with no political affiliation or who identify as politically independent have had either no change, developed increased political apathy, or developed a slight political affiliation over the duration of the experiment. Some subjects saw the studio with more shades of red, while others saw the studio as more prominently blue. Experimentation with animals has indicated no effect on their behavior.

When no subjects are present and it's being recorded through video surveillance, SCP-3640 displays its "anchors" standing or sitting motionless in the position last observed by any test subject. If not all anchors are present on screen at the time, the camera periodically switches panels to any remaining anchors. The images displayed during this time are not static - "anchors" have been observed to be breathing and blinking during this time. Video surveillance of the program during experimentation displays footage reflected in experiment reports, confirming that video surveillance of SCP-3640 can detect what a subject is viewing on screen. See Experiment Log 3640-1.

Discovery: SCP-3640 was first discovered on 03/24/19██ at 13:57 in ██████, Mississippi at the residence of Harrison ████████, after ████████ was reprimanded for assaulting several protesters at the local municipal building during a demonstration against abortion legislation recently enacted. ████████ was later killed in a conflict with another inmate. Upon obtaining a warrant and searching ████████'s home, three local law enforcement officers found a television that was left on, playing SCP-3640. Three hours after the officers were dispatched to search the premises, two detectives were sent to check the location. The detectives arrived to find two of the officers sitting on a couch in the living room, with the third officer deceased on the floor 3 ft away from them. One of the officers attempted to attack the detectives and was shot and killed in response. The remaining officer admitted to shooting and killing the third officer in later interviews. See Interview Log 3640-1. Upon notice of the changes of behavior involved with and the properties of SCP-3640, Foundation personnel were dispatched to the location.

Addendum 3640-1: Some events discussed during the headline segment of the program, such as [DATA EXPUNGED], had not yet taken place at the time that the program aired their coverage of them. The way these events are interpreted, though, is incorrect and blown out of proportion based on partisan status. This opens up the possibility of neutralizing anomalous activity before it can happen, but due to the anomalous nature of the program itself and its effect on those who view it, concentrated, extended viewing of the program would render the viewer too violent to report the information properly as these predictions of future events are extremely rare.

Addendum 3640-2: During an instance of the "headlines" section on ██/██/████, video surveillance and subsequent subject interviews reported footage similar to that contained in SCP-1981. As per SCP-1981's properties, the footage recorded does not match any existing records of it prior to the incident, and is awaiting approval by O5 Command to include it in the logs for SCP-1981.