Homeless Heterotroph Sandbox A
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Item #: SCP-AAAA

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawler I/O-TEX as well as web crawler submodule I/O-TEX-AUST are currently assigned with the ongoing quarantine of any material posted to the internet by SCP-AAAA.

Description: SCP-#### is a sentient anomalous media presence1 that has assumed the online persona of Thomas J Albin, a financial adviser and American Citizen who has been designated POI-1162.

From 2008-2012 PoI-1162 hosted an underground podcast by the name of True Conservative Radio/True Capitalist Radio. Over the course of his broadcasting career PoI-1162 gained considerable reputation form his tendency for dramaturgy, unflinching ego, racism, misogyny, elaborate imagination, publicity stunts, and alcoholism.

Starting in 2010 PoI-1162 changed the structure of his podcast to include a new half-hour long segment titled Radio Graffiti. During the segment viewers where given an opportunity to participate in the broadcast via a hotline owned by POI-1162. This free-format structure quickly became exploited by the growing internet troll movement and made POI-1162 a minor celebrity.

The Radio Graffiti segment caught the interest of many individuals now associated with GoI-5869 //Gamers Against Weed/. Most notably PoI-6878 "Esther/lesbian-gengar" and PoI-6877 "JJ/jockjamsvol6"2 who partook in the harassment of POI-1162 until his withdrawal from the virtual community.

The True Capitalist Radio podcast was discontinued in 2012. The broadcast resumed in 2014 with SCP-#### as the broadcasts host.

Broadcast can't be stopped! We tried XYZ