Homeless's Snippets of format

Item-#: SCP-

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawler I/O-TEX and submodule I/O-TEX-AUST are currently assigned with the ongoing quarantine of any domain hosting or uploading The True Capitalist Radio Show: Episode 498.

An auditory memetic agent was implemented during the introductions of True Capitalist Radio Episodes 499 and 500. This memetic agent targets and removes any memories associated with Episode 498. As a measure of further precaution this agent has also been uploaded to many of the computerized sound effects frequented by PoI-1162 during the production of The True Capitalist Radio Show.

False memories have been implanted in PoI-1162 regarding the events of May 2nd 2017, These memories attribute his absence from the broadcast to a conflict that arose between himself and his spouse on the night in question.

Description: Item designation SCP-#### was an event that occurred on May 2nd, 2017. During this event PoI-7021 and 3 members of GoI-5869 quarreled through politically charged memetic hazards over the radio podcast True Capitalist Radio.

This event lasted for the entirety of the 30 minutes allocated for the radio graffiti portion of the broadcast. During this time 4 individuals operating under aliases distributed memetic hazards through the Blog Talk Radio owned True Capitalist Radio Hotline.

The alias used by the perpetrators are as follows: Coagulationanderosion1 (PoI-7021), Harmpit (PoI-6884), JockJams (PoI-6877) and Kektagon. (PoI-6987) The first listed being the only individual not associated with GoI-5869.

Memetic Properties:
Subjective dependencies:
Memetic overview:

Subjective dependencies: None identified
Instigator: PoI-6877 "JockJams"
Trigger: An audio clip from an ASMR recording of a women consuming authentic Italian linguine pasta.

Memetic overview:

Subject perceives themself in the front row of a theater surrounded by well dressed men chanting various terms for tax reduction. Suddenly the lights dim, audibly echoing through the room is the voice of PoI-1162 stating "Hell I'd pay to watch my man; Donald J Trump doing anything! Anything! You better believe it boy! -laughter- oh-yeah!"

The lights illuminate the stage, which has been set to resemble the ceremonial Lever of French monarch Louis XIV. With one major variation, In place of what would be the slumbering titular French monarch is a grotesque depiction of both United States president Donald J Trump and literary character Jabba the Hutt.

The depiction of President Trump rolls out of its bed, being met with cheers from the crowd surrounding the viewer. Former republican campaign chair Paul Manafort wearing an orange jumpsuit enters the room and places a toupee atop the Hutt's head. Followed by former senator Roy Moore wearing similar attire and placing a crown atop Trump's head.

Trump belches loudly before rolling his large tubular body towards a