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Vigilare 12/18/2014 (Thu) 12:23:18 #15194578

I'm a person who gets a huge kick out of urban exploration. If I find a place that's any sorts of abandoned, I try to find a way to get in. I used to go on explorations with my brother, Zeke. Zeke was a bigger fan of exploring compared to me. Sometimes, he'd even go to random states just to see an abandoned building. Sometimes, for the hell of it, I'd go with him. This is about one of those times.

We went to a small town in Kansas. My brother had found a jackpot: an abandoned theme park. So he got a few of his friends together and we were on our way. The whole thing was surrounded by fence after its closure but many have went inside before us, so there were already cuts in it for us to go through. Zeke was relieved over this news because he had forgotten to bring bolt cutters. As we went in, we actually found ourselves at what appeared to be the back of the park, because there was no gate but there was a parking lot which I assume is was for employees to get in for there shifts. We pushed ourselves through a gate and got into the park proper.