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Rule 0: No 05 may seek ascension

But that hasn't stopped you before

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: doesn't matter

Special Containment Procedures: None, needed.
SCP-XXXX should be left undisturbed, as it only contains itself.

You're just wasting your time

Our time
05-7: If you're going to speak, at least distinguish yourself.
For what? You already know it's me
05-7: You wouldn't understand
I would understand. It's my job to understand everything.
Our Job.
05-7: We abandoned our jobs when we planned this.
I only sense six of us. Where are the others?

Isn't it better with just us six? There were too many of us anyway.

I never knew you had anything against them

I have nothing against them, because there is no "Them," and there is no "Us."

We're only stating the obvious. We are one. It's dissapointing that we're still acting as individuals.

That's not what I was talking about. There is only one member of the 05, a cold, clinical, and sometimes cryptic mastermind behind the foundation.

What point are you trying to make? We are two different men who have lived two different lives. We have different ideals and different opinions. Just because we both act the same way to the rest of the foundation doesn't mean we're the same.
I knew we shouldn't have included him in this. He was never cared about this plan to begin with.

The point I'm trying to make is that we have always been one, and we never needed to ascend in order to become one. We're interchangable. We're so interchangable in fact, that I have become identical to you. No one truly knows the difference between 05-4 and 05-2. If the 05 tells the foundation to kill all human life, it doesn't make a difference if 05-13 was the one who ordered it.

It seems we've failed. It looks like we've ascended, but we're still bickering like individuals.
I'm not part of your "We," I am my own person. I think for myself, and those thoughts are my own. I imagined ascension as an ultimate understanding. But it seems I haven't ascended, as I cannot understand the purpose of your idea of ascension.
We've ascended, and we have gained an ultimate understanding. But I fear this understanding made us realize this world's flaws.

At least one of us is beginning to understand. I think about what we're doing before, and it's fucking embarassing. We supposedly exterminate Class Ds at the end of each month. Many articles need editing, yet we don't? Articles keep getting more and more overcomplicated. Unnecessary politics. Unnecessary comedy. Immersion breaking rainbow logo just for the fDo you remember what you were like before this all happened?

Don't touch me. Answering your question would be useless, because none of us are 05. We are not cold, emotionless beings.

Hilarious. He definitely knows about who he once was, but won't share it because it will disprove his cynical worldview. He complains so much, yet he still participates in the Foundation.

No, that's not it, I see what he is saying. The characterization we all have doesn't matter, because there is no true characterization for each member of the 05. Most of the time there is no characterization for us. If there is, it's never consistent. It's looked down upon. We aren't meant to be characters.

"We must declare human death a Keter SCP," - 05-8

I am not her. I would never say anything like that… corny?

Finally you're coming around.

The beauty of it all is that you can say it doesn't exist and move on. Too many articles conflict with eachother, not all of them can be real.

Doesn't that make the whole thing less important? Everything should matter, or else what would be the point in participating? An article is a researcher's legacy, and being able to disregard someone's legacy seems disrespectful.

//Speaking of disrespectful, that was a cheap shot
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