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Item #: SCP-3292

Object Class: Thaumiel Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3292 should be kept in a 4 m x 3 m x 4 m room. Items produced by SCP-3292 must be examined for anomalous properties by either a researcher or doctor. That item must then be prescribed a use for the foundation.

SCP-3292 should be kept in a 4 m x 3 m x 4 m room with a lockable entrance. Items produced by SCP-3292 are to be approached by one member from D-class. The D-class is supposed to hold and examine the item. If the item harms the D-class, then the item should be destroyed by a response team. If the D-class suffers no physical injuries or does not receive a negative change in behavior, then the item will be locked up for a period of a month, with the D-class that interacted with the item constantly examined for any illnesses or changes. After the month passes, and the D-class has no suffered any illnesses or negative changes, the item will then be prescribed a use for the foundation.

SCP-3292 must be submerged inside a 1.8 m x 2 m x 3.3 m vat of hydrofluoric acid.

SCP-3292 must be contained inside of a 4 m x 3 m x 4 m locked room with blast proof walls and manned turrets covering all sides of the room. Items going through SCP-3292's conveyor belt must be smashed by a hydraulic press and then covered with flour. Every Thursday, at 2:50 A.M., response team members with a Cognitive Resistance Value of no less than 14.5 must pilot the turrets and wait for SCP-3292 to create an item. Even more response team members must wait outside of the room that contains SCP-3292. After the item has been covered with flour, the response team must open fire until the item is confirmed neutralized. If the item escapes the room, then a second response team stationed outside of the room must neutralize the escaped item. All reasearch pertaining to SCP-3292 must be dedicated towards finding a way to completely destroy SCP-3292 or to stop it from producing items. No one is allowed to put any organic matter inside SCP-3292.

Description: SCP-3292 is a x-ray baggage scanner measuring 1.4 m in width, 1.8 m in height, and 3m in length. SCP-3292 is made out of an unknown metal that has remarkably high toughness and is also regenerative. Testing has also concluded that the metal which makes up SCP-3292 becomes tougher when SCP-3292 takes considerable damage. Because of this, a way to neutralized SCP-3292 has not been realized. Every Thursday at 2:50 A.M., the entrance and exit of SCP-3292 becomes blocked by metal plating, and SCP-3292 begins to shake violently for 15 minutes. When the 15 minutes are over, the entrance and exit of SCP-3292 is unblocked and an anomalous item is moved outside of SCP-3292 via conveyor belt. SCP-3292 does not require a power source in order to function. If you put an object on the conveyor belt leading to SCP-3292's entrance, then the conveyor belt powers itself and the object is moved towards the inside of SCP-3292. It is impossible to reclaim the item once its entirety has been put inside SCP-3292. When SCP-3292 creates an anomalous item, and it was given an item earlier in the week, then the anomalous item will be related to the item that was put inside SCP-3292. Putting multiple items inside SCP-3292 results in an anomalous amalgamation of all of the items put inside. SCP-3292 cannot create an organism unless an organism was put inside of SCP-3292. All organisms produced by SCP-3292 are considered dead but still move due to mechanical augments. Items made by SCP-3292 have anomalous properties that are beneficial to the user. Items created by SCP-3292 are controlled by an advanced and intelligent A.I. that kills living organisms that it finds and transports them inside of SCP-3292. There is a limit based off of how complex items created by SCP-3292 can be. SCP-3292 seems to adapt to its environment and creates items that can bypass the ways SCP-3292 is currently being contained.

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