The Horse's Home
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SCP-XXXX-271 within Hallway 29 of SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a 45 by 25 meter chain-link fence, with a 12 meter height. Any entrances to SCP-XXXX via the chain-link fence should be protected by five (5) Security Personnel of Level-3 Clearance. SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a 45 by 25 meter stone wall, with a 15 meter height. Any entrances to SCP-XXXX should be a steel gate with a length of 4 meters, a height of 6 meters, and a length of 9 meters, guarded by seven (7) Security Personnel of Level-4 Clearance. Any Personnel below Level-4 Clearance that sees any instances of SCP-XXXX-18 should be given Class-B amnestics and brought to the nearest Site for a Medical and Psych Evaluation (See Addendum-12-B).

In the case of a breach of documents from SCP-XXXX-98, any Personnel viewing this information should be given Class-C amnestics. These should be used upon any Foundation Personnel of Level-3 and lower, Class-D Personnel, and any Civilians that happen to be on-site during the breach. If, in the case of an SCP-XXXX-Retcon event, all Personnel should be evacuated to Provisional Site-71 until MTF Unit Zeta-9 arrives to give an all clear of said SCP-XXXX-Retcon event. If, in the case, MTF Unit Zeta-9 is unavailable, the authorization of any nearby Mobile Task Force Units is allowed (More specifically MTF Unit Theta-25, see Operation "Dusty Goat") and should be immediate to keep the security of Provisional Site-71.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a building made of various brick materials, with a concrete side walk surrounding it. The building towers at three (3) stories, each story estimated to be 27 meters high. There have been estimated to be over five hundred (500) instances within SCP-XXXX. Though, currently, explorations have been plotted, they have not been carried out (See Addendum-4). On the outside, SCP-XXXX has over twenty-five (25) invasive species of flora, with three (3) species of fauna within different corals. The origin of these species are unknown as to their origin, most are estimated to come from South Africa.

Within SCP-XXXX, there are estimated to be a thousand hallways, each containing one of the five hundred instances. One of which is known as SCP-XXXX-18, multiple groups (which are known by proper designations of SCP-XXXX-18-1, -18-2, etc) of Tunisian Termites, which has been spotted attacking all SCP Foundation Personnel, including Class-D Personnel (of which were armed). SCP-XXXX-18 has not been spotted attacking civilians, but should still be considered hostile. SCP-XXXX-18 has recently been spotted attacking pedestrians on the sidewalks of the nearby town of ██████████.

SCP-XXXX-Retcon is to be considered a breach of any kind involving SCP-XXXX. If this happens, an immediate evacuation to Provisional Site-71 should be immediate. Any personnel that were on Site-71-2 grounds should be interrogated and given a Medical Evaluation. If found to be affected by SCP-XXXX-98, said personnel should be escorted off-site for re-assignment appropriate to their division, and given Class-D amnestics pre-assignment. If these amnestics are ineffective, the vote of the Ethics Committee (or the Overseer Council, if deemed necessary), should be made for termination of said personnel.

Addendums: The following Addendums are unable to be accounted for due to the loss of many documents to SCP-XXXX-98. Thus, logs have been re-made to the best of their ability by Site Researchers into three categories: