The Elevator Operator
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Item #: SCP-1111

Object Class: Euclid

Description:SCP-1111 is a caucasian male,standing 6 feet tall, in a relatively fit condition.SCP-1111 has the outfit of what appears to be worn by a NTF Commander and speaks in a Pakistani-like accent in a emotionless and empty tone.SCP-1111 has much more endurance than any other SCP or man,and can survive multiple bullets. Upon entering SCP-1111-1,SCP-1111 will ask in a calm tone which floor they want to go on.During the elevator ride SCP-1111 will emit elevator which sounds like piano music.Music consists of Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star and others.Loitering for 15 seconds or pressing the button that SCP-1111 stands in front of will,make him very agitated,and will cause him to yell at very high levels. SCP-1111 will then start to pull out a gun given to NTF personnel and start shooting anybody on board.SCP-1111 will suddenly become tame if anyone on SCP-1111-1 is terminated or evacuated,and will not happen again until he is angered again. Attempting small talk will make SCP-1111 not understand and will make him say he does "not accept tips".Killing SCP-1111 will make him materialize in another elevator and it will go on in a continuing loop.

SCP-1111-1 is an elevator that is around 2 x 2 x 2 in a cube shape identical around Site ██.SCP-1111-1 is a normal looking elevator that can travel through SCP-106's pocket dimension.The reasoning is very unknown.Personnel and ███████ exiting SCP-1111-1 will report having depression,trauma,and PTSD.Further tests make it unknown whether SCP-1111 or SCP-1111-1 is emitting this.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1111 and SCP-1111-1 is to be monitored at all times. Any Personnel are supposed to make very little eye contact if possible and must use a calm and non-threatening voice at all times.Warning signs must be placed in SCP-1111-1,SCP-1111-1 along with SCP-1111 must be monitered and logged AT ALL TIMES.