Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: [PLACEHOLDER]

Description: SCP-XXXX is the collective designation of currently twenty four pharmaceutical tablets created by current Person of Interest 'dado'. SCP-XXXX instances are dark pink in coloration and are universally regarded as 'disgusting, yet bearable' in flavor.

Upon the ingestion of an instance of SCP-XXXX, the subject (hereafter referred to as SCP-XXXX-1) will instantly experience a fast change in their phsyical form, specifically morphing SCP-XXXX-1 instances into the 'Boxer' breed of the Canis lupis familiaris1 genus. SCP-XXXX-1 instances retain their sapience throughout the process and also retain their ability to produce speech through anomalous means. The process takes only five minutes to reach complete transformation.

Addendum XXXX.1: On 08/11/2017, local reports of a man frantically putting card board boxes on streetlights throughout the Main Street of Denver, Colorado resulted in the dispatch of MTF Zeta-9 (Gift Givers).

Hey dude, I heard from a source that you deal some of the best shit on the market.

You're the guy, right?

yes u reach dado what u looking for today?

Alright listen. I'm currently trying to get stronger, right? In my line of work, you need to be the strongest or else you'll never move up.

To be blunt, I need steroids. Some of the best you've got.

ok u want the pill that make you muscley man yes

dado can make that for u

Nice. And I'm going to need that within the next few days too, I don't have much time. I'm a professional boxer and I need to be able to beat the shit out of the competetion in the next few weeks.

u r pro dog?

that a silly line of job no?

u do better doing normal people job.