Something Nice to Receive, Every Now and Then.

Item #: SCP-❤

Object Class: Maitrī

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-❤ is to be freely given and enjoyed by those who read its file. Security clearance can be safely ignored when accessing SCP-❤. SCP-❤ can be sent to anyone from anyone, regardless of position within the Foundation.

Description: SCP-❤ is a virtual hug. Upon reading its file, subjects report feeling a tangible warmth as unseen arms of perfect size and strength and familiarity provide a sensation akin to a physical hug.

Testimony from all subjects indicate that this sensation consistently feels friendly at least, and loving at most. SCP-❤ also appears to have a memetic effect. Those who receive its effects also begin to feel as though they have been told:

“Everyone could do with a hug; here’s yours.”

SCP-❤ is infectious and highly pleasurable. Testing has revealed that SCP-❤ has no compulsive effects; subjects freely spread it by their own will.

Addendum: SCP-❤ will lose all of its anomalous effects if it is published. Therefore, it is to exist only in the form of chat links and PMs. Free use and access is permitted through copying the URL link.

Everyone could do with a hug. Whether they're someone who doesn't seem like they need one, a close friend, or the MTF Commander you've only met because of the recent [REDACTED], their day can only get better. So why don't you send a hug their way?

- SCP-❤