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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be confined to a hospital bed and connected to a total parenteral nutrients system, a blood transfusion station and a class-B amnestic station intravenously. Only researchers with Level-3 Clearance have permissions to conduct inspections and interviews. Cleaning and maintenance of the life-supporting system are to be completed only after SCP-XXXX is injected with amnestic. All personnel entering the containment cell have to wear bite suits.

Should any contact with SCP-XXXX is interrupted by one of its outbursts, amnestic is to be injected into SCP-XXXX. Under no circumstance is allocating D-class personnel inside the containment cell allowed. Excessive expenditure on human resource is detrimental to the Foundation. (See Experiment Log SCP-XXXX-01). In interviews and inspections, researchers have to observe SCP-XXXX from a room next to the containment cell through a one-way mirror.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 0.7 m x 0.24 m right half of a torso of a 40-year-old Caucasian man. Even though the specimen is alive and conscious, it cannot perform two-way communication on its own. The loss of the left hemisphere severely impairs SCP-XXXX's language comprehension, and the severance of its jaws and trachea renders speech impossible. SCP-XXXX rejects any foreign tissues, as replantation has been proven unsuccessful; the arteries and tissue do not attach to the new flesh on a cellular level.

While SCP-XXXX is generally compliant, it occasionally undergoes emotional outbursts, during which it attempts to merge its body with another human being within a 2 m radius. Under its command, SCP-XXXX is attracted to the right half of that person, attempting to disassemble them. Whether or not it succeeds depends on the gender of the target; if the target is male, SCP-XXXX will decorticate after ██ seconds. If the target is female, however, SCP-XXXX consumes all of the right half and amalgamates itself with that person. In doing so, SCP-XXXX recovers the ability to communicate verbally. Without amnestic or other means of intervention, SCP-XXXX will consolidate the host body for [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-XXXX was retrieved after a [REDACTED] accident occurred at ██:██, ██/██/20██, in ██████, United States. Initially, it was listed as one of the three casualties; the other two were identified as █████ ████████ and ███████ ████████, its wife and young daughter. At ██:██, in █████ Hospital where the corpses were stored, SCP-XXXX suddenly regained consciousness, fused itself with one of the coroners, ███ ████████████, and trudged towards the entrance for ██ minutes before taken down by Mobile Task Force Delta-09 ("Ice Kick"). All witnesses of SCP-XXXX were given class-B amnestic. The acquisition of CCTV footage within the ██:██ - ██:██ interval were authorized.

Experiment Log SCP-XXXX-01:
Foreword: In opposition to the containment procedure, Dr. ███████ requested permission to use a number of D-class subjects to accrue information about SCP-XXXX’s amalgamation. Permission granted.

Test A:

Subject: D-6587, a 24-year-old [REDACTED] male of average physical health

Result: SCP-XXXX attempts to 'fuse' itself with the D-class. Disregarding D-6587's struggle, SCP-XXXX manages to immobilize the D-class for ██ seconds. The process is suddenly halted; SCP-XXXX removes itself from the personnel and faints. D-6587 is immediately detained for physical and psychological assessment; the personnel suffers no injury or trauma and is given class-C amnestic.

Test B:

Subject: D-3453, a Caucasian male of the same age and build as SCP-XXXX. Heat signatures scan and blood sampling are to be conducted in order to ascertain any physiological changes.

Result: SCP-XXXX engages in the same behavior as the previous experiment. Scan results indicate that SCP-XXXX's tissue is on the verge of consuming that of D-3453, only to be withheld at the last second. Blood testing shows no alterations in D-3543's DNA sequence.

Test C:

Subject: D-0970 a female of [REDACTED] descent, of average build and health. Heat signatures scan and blood sampling are to be conducted.

Note: D-0970 has to be retrieved after the test. - Dr. ███████

Result: After staring at D-0970 for █ seconds, SCP-XXXX violently destroys her right upper body and attaches itself to the personnel. The duration of the event is ██ minutes. Scan results indicate that D-0970's right upper body is ingested by SCP-XXXX's tissues on a cellular level, after which SCP-XXXX integrates itself to D-0970 with flagella-like sinews. As soon as SCP-XXXX recovers the ability to enunciate, Dr. ███████ immediately commands the injection of amnestic, which causes the ejection of D-0970's flesh. SCP-XXXX vocalizes its disappointment during the process.

Both SCP-XXXX and D-0979 are autopsied afterward. The forensic team observes that D-0970 did not cease all life functions until her left ventricle was completely mended to SCP-XXXX's heart, obstructing the circulation of blood. All organs were functional, including the brain; SCP-XXXX has merged its right hemisphere with D-0970's corpus callosum, granting it full body coordination. The only organ left intact is the uterus, to which a small space inside SCP-XXXX is dedicated. D-0970 is declared dead at ██:██.

Test D:

Subject: D-1254, a 26-year-old female of [REDACTED] descent

Note: I want to find out why SCP-XXXX only chooses women, so I will wait and ask it directly. - Dr. ███████

Result: SCP-XXXX consumes the personnel with hysterical demeanor. The following conversation between SCP-XXXX and Dr. ███████ is transcribed.

Test E

Subject: The corpse of SCP-XXXX's late wife, █████ ████████

Note: I do not feel any sympathy towards XXXX; I only want to see to what extent the 'fusion' will take. - Dr. ███████

Result: SCP-XXXX exhibits no reaction upon seeing the corpse. Then, suddenly, the amalgamation initiates in the same manner as Tests C and D.

However, after ██ seconds, some movements can be seen externally in SCP-XXXX's lower body, presumably in the corpse's uterus. SCP-XXXX starts to vocalize feeling of excruciating pain. █ minutes later, a deformed fetus with a swollen cranium, now designated as SCP-XXXX-Beta, protrudes from █████ ████████'s cervix. SCP-XXXX-Beta opens its pupilless eyes and cries upon its appearance like a newborn.

Dr. ███████ initiates the amnestic station to no avail. At ██:██, MTF Unit Theta-09 infiltrates the containment cell and detains the researcher. The unit is then instructed to perform suppressive fire on the two entities, which destroys SCP-XXXX-Beta. SCP-XXXX, horrified at the loss of the fetus, screams in protest loudly but is soon incapacitated under heavy ammunition. MTF Unit Theta-09 retreats after the situation is contained.

Addendum SCP-XXXX-01: Dr. ███████ is demoted to Level-1 Clearance for the unauthorized procurement of a civilian's corpse.

Addendum SCP-XXXX-02: Morticians from █████ Hospital report that █████ ████████ was not pregnant upon examination, and field agents confirm that ███████ was her only child with SCP-XXXX. The formation of SCP-XXXX-Beta is currently studied, though the entity was hypothesized to be a bodily extension of SCP-XXXX, as the latter is incapable of reproduction.

Addendum SCP-XXXX-03: As of ██:██, ██/██/20██, SCP-XXXX remains unconscious and fused with the left half of the corpse. SCP-XXXX is unlikely to perform any amalgamation activity in its current condition.