Wow that's a nice joke SCP you have there
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Item #: SCP-D13-J

Object Clas: Keter


SCP-D13-J on right with tentacels out…!

Spesial Containment Prosedures: SPC-D13-J, despit are best eforts, has ether broken out of or avoded capter. Scp-D13-j must be left alon in its forest in Stuttgat, [REDACTED], Germany.

Despricton: SPC SCP-D13 is a humanoid creture found in a forest in Suttgart, [DATA EXPUNGED], Germany. It has wite skin and no face. When angry it has tentacels. It leaves nots around the forest - henseforth known as SPC-D13-2. Wen SCP-D13-2 us colected, SCP-D13-J gets mor angry. SCP-D13-2 intanses are nown to have said "I will kill you" and █████ ███