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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX and other instances are to be relocated to Site 189 and embedded with a tracking device, failure to comply will result in termination.

Under no circumstances are amnestics to be used on SCP-b instances.
In the result of amnestic use, the instance is to be terminated immediately.

All instances of SCP-c are to be culled to prevent replication, though instances may be recovered for testing and moved to a specialized containment unit.

No further testing is to occur.
As of the incident involving 2 -a instances the resulting civil war resulted in a quarter of the population being terminated.
Foundation casualties were minimal and were mostly due to the surge in Cobras in the surrounding area and their subsequent cleanup.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a tattoo located above the left ear depicting a cobra. When a tattoo of the same design is applied to a subject that subject becomes a -b instance.
Foundation personnel are still attempting cleanup procedures to prevent further instances.

Subjects that have this tattoo feel a compulsion to assist others sharing this tattoo in their duties and day to day lives. This may include mundane duties such as cleaning, cooking and even work. More seriously this compulsion can quickly turn to violence if any -b instances are threatened/harmed.

SCP-a is the current commander of 'Cobra unit' and may issue orders to all -b instances. -a is a Male of caucasian descent currently 35 years of age but is 'occupied' by -a, a Male Vietnamese soldier who is 64 years of age and retains all previous memories despite the use of amnestics.

Should an amnestic be used on a -b instance, another -a instance will seize control, during which time all -b instances will have their tattoo change colour and will divide themselves into a new 'unit'. This causes all respective -b subjects to be controlled by the separate -a instances.

SCP-XXXX may replicate through the use of tattooing, quality of equipment and ink as well as relative skill of the artist does not matter.

-c instances are Cobras which possess all the natural traits of regular cobras but can live exceptionally long periods and will grow to enormous lengths, the largest specimen recorded is currently 35 metres in length. Aside from the large size, -c instances will not harm any -a or -b instances but will act as normal predators otherwise though may be trained by personnel.

Discovery: During the Vietnam war 1955-1973 several agents were drafted from their respective outposts.
Agents during this period became aware of a group of Vietnamese soldiers known as the 'Cobra Core' consisting of men women and even children.
Upon termination of a soldier belonging to this unit a Cobra would be found exiting the mouth of the soldier, this prompted an investigation which led to the discovery of the Cobra Core's activities as well as their anomalous properties including advanced spatial awareness, enhanced coordination and minor telepathic communication.
Capture of individuals affected by SCP-XXXX were particularly difficult as a result of the conflict.
Though eventually American soldiers became affected by SCP-XXXX resulting in large numbers of casualties to fellow soldiers, at one point a Colonel was captured and ordered an air strike on friendly forces.
It would be another three years of searching and termination of -b subjects that -a would be located.
Further reconnaissance would reveal the method of replication to be the actual tattoo.
MTF-████ would later attempt to capture -a but failed as a fragmentation grenade would kill them during the raid.

Upon -a being terminated -b instances continued to fight despite the loss of their commander.
MTF-████ were able to capture seventeen -b instances and researchers began testing.

Upon removal of the tattoo or the death of the subject a Cobra would begin exiting the mouth of the subject, this nearly resulted in the asphyxiation of seven subjects but after removal -b instances were given amnestics and deemed to be neutralized.
A failure to check the status of one individual's tattoo resulted in the prior application of amnestics which resulted in the subject screaming frantically in Vietnamese. A translator was brought in and an interview was conducted, see interview logs below.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX-a

<Begin Log, 3/15/1959 04:52>

Interviewer: State your name, age and occupation

SCP-XXXX: Nguyen Van Lu. Soldier. Thirty Eight
Interviewer: Are you aware of your current situation?
SCP-XXXX: I'm in a prison camp, what the fuck do you think?
Interviewer presents mirror to SCP-XXXX
Guards restrain SCP-XXXX
Interviewer: You are aware of Cobra unit and its activities yes? As well as the use of the tattoo and its effects. What is the last thing that you remember?
SCP-XXXX: An explosion, I… I died? But how am I here? What did you do!?!?
Interviewer: [Explains the application of amnestics] Needless to say you'll be coming with us and if you wish for Cobra unit to live you will convince them to turn themselves in at this location.

<SCP-XXXX followed instructions and ordered the surrender of the individuals numbering at twenty thousand upon threat of usage of Nuclear weaponry, -b subjects were moved to [REDACTED] experimental colony and put to work in the city's agriculture, plumbing, electricity and research.>

Further testing revealed that SCP-XXXX is a telepathic anomaly linking the minds of all individuals whilst still maintaining their individuality.
A single -b's goal becomes the goal of all, there are no crimes committed and nobody is mistreated in any way. Progress is substantial on any project and research continues with Foundation approval.