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Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-X is to be kept stored in a secure item locker on site ██. Any personnel must both acquire site director permission and sign their name as well as the date and time the item is removed in the SCP-X logbook. If SCP-X-1-1 takes possession of SCP-X daily checks must be performed on its item locker until it returns.

Description: SCP-X is a mask reminiscent of those worn to masquerade balls in the 15th century. When worn the user will be able to both perceive and interact with a new 'layer' of reality inhabited by humanoid individuals classified SCP-X-1. Instances of SCP-X-1 are almost entirely human. They both look and act like humans, dressing in clothing generally worn by nobles in the 15th century. The only exception to this rule is that they seemingly cannot die by traditional means. If an injury, which would usually be fatal to humans, is inflicted on an instance of SCP-X-1 it will fall to the ground as if dead for around 5 minutes before simply getting back up with any injuries having healed. Instances of SCP-X-1 generally won’t interact with the wearer of SCP-X beyond occasional disregarding remarks unless a masquerade is currently occurring. On certain dates of the year masquerade parties will be held within this reality. While these events are occurring instances of SCP-X-1 will appear different to normal, wearing masquerade reminiscent of the 15th century. Instances of SCP-X-1 also begin to act differently than before, interacting with the subject wearing SCP-X much more than usual. It is currently unknown whether this change in both appearance and demeanour are voluntary or simply happen without the instance's knowledge. In certain areas of the reality of SCP-X cities and towns can be found. Within these cities large amounts of SCP-X-1 reside and architecture seems to be non-Euclidian in nature. The only known location of one of these cities is currently [REDACTED] in Italy.

Discovery: SCP-X was not specifically discovered but simply appeared in an unused anomalous item locker on site ██. It is currently assumed that the instance of SCP-X-1 (designated SCP-X-1-1) was responsible for this.