Hydrozen GoI Testing


Our sight sees no beginning, but our sight sees an end.

We had always dreamed of a paradise that is equivalent to all that we could ever want and needed.

We had tapped into what was never meant to be seen. It promised our demise. We can't blame ourselves. We had seen the world as peaceful, so we thought no evil could take root.

The one mistake, then followed by numerous mistakes, which we are already aware of. Such horrors and demons were never meant to exist.


The world is threatened by what was never meant to exist. This world was meant to be what we dream of it to be, what we wish for it to be.

To reset our world. Does that mean that most of humanity will no longer exist? Yes. Only we will continue to exist. Soon after, everyone will be reborn.


A paradise is what one interprets it to be. A paradise must meet the standards and tastes of one who wishes for it.


With no knowledge of the horrors and unusual, one will remain ignorant and will unwillingly and obliviously allow the evolution and continuation of such anomalies, therefore making them prone to some of the greatest threats.

With mass knowledge of the anomalous combined with the support of global ignorance, it becomes an unjustified act towards our own kind which cannot be allowed.





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Ranking: Right Hand Man