HyperShard 1

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: There is no way of properly containing SCP-XXXX, but it is to be monitored at all times with private satellites, and any image capturing of SCP-XXXX by any non foundation satellites is to be promptly deleted before it is leaked to public media. If any changes occur wih SCP-XXXX's eye color, Class A Personnel are to be notified immediately.

Description: SCP - XXXX is an entity with the appearance of a gigantic wyvern - like reptile. It's wingspan is approximately 100 meters wide, and, when inactive, it generally flies below or in the lower portion of the stratosphere. It has two pairs of wings, a larger, upper pair and a smaller lower one, slightly behind the larger ones. However, these wings are usually kept together, and it can be hard to discern them from each other. When inactive, it is generally a light grey color, however, over time, it will gradually darken in color, which can be used to tell how much time is left before it enters a rage state. It is believed to be invulnerable to all forms of physical harm.

Every three hundred years, SCP-XXXX's four eyes will turn either yellow, or, in rare cases, purple, and when it’s body has gone completely black, it will begin to rapidly decend towards the Earth. Eventually, once it reaches a certain altitude, often above the ocean, it will begin gathering clouds, and giving them a powerful electrical charge. Over the next few hours, depending on how far it is from the nearest landmass, and how much energy it has, these clouds will drastically increase in size and number, becoming a storm of unprecedented proportions.

Shortly after the discovery of SCP-XXXX, Dr. [Redacted] brought up legends of an entity similar in description to SCP-XXXX, described by ancient civilizations to be an immortal entity known as, among other things, Storm Weaver, a Godlike being that, when displeased with humanity, would shroud the world in clouds, and strike it down with with a hail of lighting and rain.

Emergency Status Procedure: Should SCP-XXXX's eyes have turned yellow upon entering it's rage state, these procedures are not to be followed, and instead, normal storm based preparations are advised. However, should SCP-XXXX's eyes have turned purple as it begins it's decent, standard procedure involves launching as many non nuclear ballistic missiles at the SCP as possible before it begins gathering clouds. Once it begins such process, missiles will become ineffective due to the powerful winds and lightning strikes common with the storms SCP-XXXX creates. These missile launches have been theorized to substantially weaken SPC-XXXX, decreasing the effect of it's near doomsday effect. Once SCP-XXXX has reached critical altitude, it is advised to treat it like a normal storm, albeit one of much higher intensity.