Unknown Divine

Object class: Safe/Keter
Containment Procedures: 4751 requires a therapist on hand at all times due to possible threat of total destruction if things escalate.
Description: 4751 is an average height ,white , male about 2400 years old. It weighs approx 200 pounds and was just found in the facility on [Data Expunged]. It typically is allowed to roam the facility due to its typically docile nature. However ,if it feels in danger, for example when in front of 096 , becomes enraged and shows a significant increase in strength and speed. Normally these fits of rage last for about two hours then complete. It almost totally avoids damaging the building and workers when in a rage. It is thought to be the only SCP that can kill [Data expunged]. It is sometimes referred to as world breaker because the strength it shows in a fit of rage is enough to destroy the galaxy. When asked to come into one kilometer of [Data Expunged] it was not affected by the [Data Expunged] nor [Data Expunged]. Instead it simply flew into the [Data Expunged] and came back with the [Data Expunged].
Destruction record: In a fit of rage it caught a tank shell and threw it back so hard that it caused a tear in the universe that sucked the shell in and repaired itself. He is known for resisting [Data Expunged] with relative ease when in a rage. Appears to be not threatened by [Data Expunged]. Instead tries to embrace him which ends up with the beast spit in half and 4751 unscathed.
Maximum strength: At its longest fit of rage it reportedly clapped so hard that it leveled the far northern hemisphere , but was able to pile the debris back.

Extra note: It is considered safe because it can control its anger , but keter because when put into a rage it is considered impossible to restrain. Will ,however, play a key role if an XK class end of the world scenario ever takes place. It is unaffected by age and appears younger than it is. It is NOT a reality bender. It has the ability to avoid attacks from 096 and 173 and has been run through multiple of the numerous “make better machines” with no effect thus adopting the Nickname perfect chaos.
Special Skills: 4751 has a strange draw to it. The origin has yet to be identified totally , but may be related to its sense of humor and ability to project directives to people.
Interview No.1
Dr. Oswald: So we already have a certain amount of info on you , but we would like to hear some things from your perspective.
4751: Sounds good
Dr. Oswald: So we have some footage for you to uhh… explain to us.
(Plays video of 4751 splitting 682 in half)
4751: Ahh… yes.
Dr. Oswald: So what did you do in that split second that peeled him like a banana so fast?
4751: Well he tried to swipe at me so I chopped downwards on his head which , for some reason , split him in two.
Dr. Oswald: Mmm… So what do you think of 682.
4751: Well he is salty and edgy , my least favorite type of person , but I still try to make peace with him despite his aggressiveness.
Dr. Oswald: I see. So moving on. If you are willing we would like to know if you are at all in knowledge of who Cain and Abel are.
4751: While I don’t know to much about either , I do enjoy speaking with them. Cain is pretty easy to talk to albeit very melancholy. Abel , however is a more… convex character. He is harder to speak to seeing as he takes me to be human , which I am , but not expecting to be caught by the neck and restrained just to have a short conversation.
Dr. Oswald: So do you hail from a separate universe?
4751: Nah , I was just born like any normal human except with godlike qualities.
Dr. Oswald: Hmm… Well times up.
Session Terminated
4751 was born on January 4 , 431 B.C in what we now know as Italy. He was known for a rather long stretch of time to be a god. He was always a kind soul and never really supported the worship that people gave him. He has been painted harnessing some blue-ish energy to create blasts that demolished the area around him. He can also use this to levitate , albeit very low off the ground. Typically he just jumps. If he wanted to he could destroy the foundation and everybody/thing in it , yet he says he likes it there and would rather not. He has been too strong , fast , or tough to obtain any sort of physical damage except for a cut from 682’s swipe. He can rip holes in time/space with the rapid acceleration of a physical object (See: Destruction Record). He is strong enough to destroy the entire galaxy it about 45 days.

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