A Rift of Poor Souls
Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object class: Euclid
Special containment procedures: No human is to go within 30 meters of 3XXX and 4 mtf workers must be on guard.

Description: 3XXX is a 45 meter long crack in the Earth located in a new site , site 109 , built because of it. It is filled with a dark purple liquid that has similar properties to hydrochloric acid in the way it affects organic materials. The area surrounding 3XXX is totally void of life excluding bacteria. When any life goes within 30 meters of 3XXX a red mist is deployed and they experience a sort of seizure in which they typically pass out from lack of oxygen or brain injury. During this time black humanoid figures are seen crawling out , immediately classified as 3XXX-1. After 4 to 7 of them are out of the crack they grab the unconscious lifeform and it dissolves into 3XXX. This lifeform is now classified as 3XXX-2. Upon further examination 3XXX appears to be a functioning society within a rift in the earth. The society operates on a founding principle not commonly seen in other societies. This principle , it seems , is to create an army of whatever they pull into the crack. The people and animals appear to be totally fine within the crack , however , they seem to be working and training. Every 8 days they organize a march much like those seen in military demonstrations. During this time a much larger black figure , classified as 3XXX-3 , is seen exiting and returning with blocks of seemingly frozen blood. Past attempts to stop or restrain it have failed. 3XXX-3 is docile , however , and appears to value human life. After it deposits the blocks the march ends and 3XXX-2 begins to chant as the blocks melt. Once the blocks have melted, a new black figure appears where it melted. These new figures then join the other figures near the surface.

Addendum: Past attempts to attack 3XXX include detonating a 3.31 megaton nuclear warhead inside. This only resulted in 3XXX-1 cowering away then returning after a bit. Testing on the purple liquid revealed that it is a form of corrosive resin. This resin shares similar properties to tree sap. However, the corrosive properties classify it as acid.
Testing log:
D-Class 33726-D: Charged with first degree murder for drowning his child in a 5-gallon bucket.
Log 3XXX-A: 33726-D enters the 30 meter range. As he walks , garbled noises are heard from 3XXX-1 and the red mist is deployed. After 3 minutes of 33726-D complaining about the smell he began to shake violently. At 34 seconds he fell and 3XXX-1 began to emerge. 3XXX-1 grabbed 33726-D and pulled him in. During this his body began to dissolve and 3XXX-1’s noises got progressively louder. After 13 minutes 3XXX-1 had totally submerged back into the crack and 33726-D had been dissolved. After the situation was deemed safe a 1 x 2 x 1 remote controlled vehicle was sent to record footage inside the crack. There , a mixture of people , animals , and over-sized insects was observed being taught by 3XXX-1 to kill in obscure ways. 33726-D was seen in the crowd.
Log 3XXX-B: 3XXX-3 begins exiting. All four mtf officers then begin to shoot at it to no effect. The mtf officers then call in reinforcements. The reinforcements consisted of two mounted rail guns and a Merkava Mk 4M tank. They all begin to fire , pushing 3XXX-3 backwards. 3XXX-3 then plants its feet into the ground and forces its way forward. As soon as 3XXX-3 reaches the tank it rips the mounted gun and main gun off. 3XXX-3 then picks up the tank and dumps the people out from a safe height. It then uses the scraps to break one of the rail guns then uses its hands to break the other. After this 3XXX-3 is seen sprinting to a nearby hill and disappearing. 45 minutes later , 3XXX-3 returns with blocks of frozen blood to deposit. After which it returns to 3XXX and disappears. Later , it is attempted to use SCP-076 to attack 3XXX-3. 3XXX-3 ignores 076 until it hurls an axe at 3XXX-3. 3XXX-3 catches the axe and throws it back. The blade flew straight through 076 and 3XXX-3 continued its way. All further attempts to stop it have failed. Administration has ruled to allow no more SCP testing on 3XXX in fear that the army may grow strong , fast.
Log 3XXX-C: All personnel cleared out of a 4 km zone around 3XXX. A 4 x 4 x 4 meter RC vehicle was sent into 3XXX with a 3.31 megaton nuclear warhead. From there the warhead was detonated. Nothing happened excluding a thud from the ground and a large wave of the purple liquid being pushed outwards. All 3XXX-1 are not seen until 14 minutes later.
Session Terminated