I putted my phone here!
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Special Containment Procedures: So far, SCP-XXXX is impossible to contain due to its anomalous properties. to date the manifestations of SCP-XXXX have not been able to predict. SCP-XXXX doesn't need to be contained now.

Description: SCP-XXXX is was a spacetime anomaly that can affect any part of the world, when it manifests, SCP-XXXX will absorb the nearest object that weighs less than 6 kilograms, after that, said object will re-appear in a place at random in the world.1

day when object was lost Missing object Place where object re-apeared day when object appeared
31/03/1995 Pocket Watch Recife, Brazil 19/04/1995
15/12/1995 white coffee cup with christmas decoration Unknown Not found
24/12/1995 orange orange plaid t-shirt Calgary,Canada2 03/01/1996
26/05/1997 green plate Galway, England3 02/06/1997
07/08/1999 glass cup Mosul,Iraq4 03/09/1999
17/11/2000 paperboard box Unknown Not foud5
27/12/2000 white headphones Unknown Not found
12/02/2001 Common toaster Unknown Not found
26/04/2001 A single cookie Unknown Not found6
05/07/2001 A vegetarian sandwich Unknown Not found7
13/09/2001 paperboard box Gulu,Uganda 25/09/20018
27/03/2005 Single napkin Unknown Not found9
02/06/2005 A baby powder bottle Cali, Colombia 25/06/2005
07/08/2005 TV control Unknown Not found
27/11/2005 A Sony Ericsson W80010 Maracay, Venezuela 07/12/200511
06/04/2006 A small oak wood chair Unknown Not found
Until that date the manifestations of SCP-XXXX have stopped in an unknown way