Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4215 is to be contained within a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell in Research Sector-01 at Site-19. SCP-4215 does not to be sedated, it goes willingly when needs to be transported. Must be monitored at all times by 3 armed guards that are at Level 3 that have very strong wills and minds…

While SCP-4215 can be very cooperative with the Foundations personnel, he has a mind of a child so it can be easily angered, if it has been angered or if it gets bored
in anyway he will mess with the minds of everyone around him, so he must be heavily sedated to keep it calm must keep far from direct contact. Once sedated must be carried back to its containment cell, quickly and carefully as possible.

To keep SCP-4215 happy, it likes access to a TV to watch all channels it wants and access to WI-FI. All channels and websites it goes on must be monitored do not let make contact with anyone online. If attempts to, shut down the WI-FI.

Description: SCP-4215 is a humanoid entity, size is about 64 inches, weighs around 130 lbs. Bears the appearance of an 16-18 yr old male. SCP-4215 wears a black hoodie always has the hood up, wears jeans and trainers. Also what we think is a Dark Grey Mask made of an unknown material with red eyes and a red smiling mouth also with small demon horns on top of the masks forehead. SCP-4215 has an ability he likes to use when he starts to get bored which will mess with it's victims minds slowly making them go insane. He can also grow giant tendrils out of his back and turn his left arm into bunch of giant tendrils that he uses to [REDACTED].

SCP-4215 seams to speak all of the languages but likes to talk mostly in English. SCP-4215 will become agitated if anyone mentions SCP-001 or SCP-343 and will either refuse to talk entirely or would want to change the subject. SCP-4215 likes to play pranks on the Foundation's personnel for example when with one of the Scientists for a check-up, he will keep hiding the equipment just annoy them, while laughing incoherently. Although SCP-4215 is in its teens, it acts like a child. When it likes someone it meets, it does not use any of its abilities. SCP-4215 combat training outmatches the highest of the MTF and it's physical capabilities is capable of being able to carry thing One Thousand Times his weight and is able to run and jump very far distances.

Addendum 4215 Discovery:

SCP-4215 was discovered in a small village in England called ██████. Went to village due to reports of strange sightings. Once arrived the residents were tied up to death traps to where most of them met a gruesome demise all while it kept laughing like a psychopath while it was standing near a massive hole. The ground itself was mixed with unknown land, inside the hole there was a giant glowing unknown orb but before could get any closer the ground closed in it self as the orb vanished. Even the strange land went back to normal before we could take any samples, then once the remaining residents were saved, SCP-4215 gave up willingly to the Foundation's custody.

[Interview was for to understand SCP-4215 to understand how it thinks].
Interviewer: Dr ██████, site-19

Interviewee: SCP-4215


SCP-4215: Can we get this thing over with already, I got things to do.

Dr.██████: Sorry this wont take long and remember you promi- (gets interrupted)

SCP-4215: Yeah, yeah I know was just messing with you, you guys really need to loosen up. So lets get this thing started (saying while having its feet up on the table).

Dr. ██████: Right, it says here that you involved in the destruction to the village ██████. Care to explain why you did those things?

SCP-4215: (Went silent for two minutes) guess because we were bored and the village itself was also very boring, everyday everyone did the same thing over and over so I thought I could make their lives more interesting.

Dr.██████: But you had so many people killed, would you call that more interesting?

SCP-4215: Yes (saying enthusiastically) nothing is more fun than fighting for you life, a shame not many people lived through it though such a bummer. Especially when a lot of them went insane again, it's such a kill joy when that happens.

Dr.██████: You saying that your not the one causing people to lose their minds?

SCP-4215: Nope it was all "him", he loves to mess with the weak minds and all for such a stupid reason too.

Dr.██████: What was the reason "he" is doing it and who is it?

SCP-4215: Sorry that is a secret, they wont like it if I tell you.

Dr.██████: Fine… Last question what is your thoughts of SCP-343?

SCP-4215: (mumbles to self)

Dr██████: I'll repeat what is your thoughts on - (gets interrupted again)

SCP-4215: I don't want to talk about! (saying while raising its voice).

Dr.██████: Hey we had a deal you promised tha-

SCP-4215: (lets out a loud, deafening scream and grows tendrils out if its left arm)

Dr.██████: Hey! Open the door hurry.

SCP-4215: (punches Dr.██████ in the back and his body exploded into a bunch of tendrils)(punches through wall and escapes).

(gunfire in background and screaming).

[SCP-4215 was recaptured and brought back to its containment cell a few hours after escape].