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Object Class: safe-nunctii

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be contained in a standard secure locker on Site-76. Testing on SCP-xxxx is prohibited without written authorization of at least 2 level 3 personnel. Under no circumstances is SCP-xxxx to be opened outside of testing. Any class-D personnel used in testing of SCP-xxx must be routinely monitored for any deviations from the established charicturestices of SCP-xxx

Description: SCP-xxxx is a small wooden box 7 cm by 15 cm by 8 cm with the words 'don't fuckin
open' burned onto the top of the lid. SCP-xxxx contains an instance of SCP-xxx. When SCP-xxx in moved more than 30 cm from SCP-xxxx, SCP-xxxx with slam
shut and when open a again will reveal a new incident of SCP-xxx.

SCP-xxx is a list written in english on a folded sheet of paper. SCP-xxx anomalies properties actival when the subject read beyond the title of the list. The list is titled 'the 12 rules' and is succeeding with 12 sentence each presoming to be a single rule.

Each rule when vude individually or as a group has the amonilas effect on the reader as to change there there current understanding of themselves, the world, and their communities around them, though these changes aren't always for the better. These rule are classified as SCP-xxxA to SCP-xxxL
Due to the existence of memedic affects in SCP-xxx, the rules in SCP-xxx cant be be state directly only alluded to.

Test A - Date █/██/201█

Subject: D-01173
Procedure: SCP-xxxA was shown to the D-01173
Results: when asked about what SCP-xxxA said, D-01173 refused saying ''i cant… i, just can't tell you''. D-01173 was then sent to Guantanamo Bay and was subject to waterboarding and other tortures for ███ days. Despite this, foundation agents where unable to extract anything of value from D-01173.
Analysis: SCP-xxxA seem to be a rule that prevents the reader from speaking about SCP-xxx.

note: SCP-xxxA has been physically removed (via cutting it out with scissors) from SCP-xxx in order to prevent other tests with SCP-xxx from being corrupted by SCP-xxxA.

Test B - Date █/██/201█

Subject: D-01626
Procedure:SCP-xxxB was shown to the D-01626
Results: D-01626 says that SCP-xxxB told him not to think critically about SCP-xxx.