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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a locked watertight chamber. It is to be seated in a reinforced chair, with all limbs restrained by steel bands. No cutting implements or other objects capable of causing bleeding are to be brought within 3 meters of the containment chamber without sufficient protection against lacerations. No blood outside of a living body is to be allowed within 5 meters of the cell, and all personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX are to undergo physical examination monthly. No personnel suffering from hemophilia or other blood-related disorders are to be assigned to this project, and any personnel who are currently menstruating are to be temporarily reassigned to another onsite project.

In the event that SCP-XXXX breaches containment, personnel are to relocate to the nearest safe room, and all medical wings are to be sealed off for the duration of the breach. SCP-XXXX is to be pacified using a spray of hydrogen peroxide acid carried by assigned security personnel, followed by small-arms fire, and tranquilizers once armor has sufficiently degraded. Once the entity is sufficiently tranquilized, acid is to be reapplied lightly until all armor is removed. If SCP-XXXX reaches a size where the prior methods are ineffective, full dousing by hose of acid and usage of assault weapons is authorized until the entity is returned to normal size.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous humanoid standing 2.2 meters tall and weighing 93 kilograms in its dormant state. Its body is entirely covered and concealed by a thick shell, which the entity refers to as its "armor". The shell is comprised out of congealed blood from a variety of species, most commonly human, and several other unknown compounds. The entity has no facial figures other than a single yellow eye, and also bears the numeral "VIII" on its left shoulder. SCP-XXXX shows no need to eat or drink, and has not been observed to breathe either. It is unknown how this is accomplished.

SCP-XXXX's shell is not hard or overly durable, but instead functions as excess body mass for SCP-XXXX, and serves to cushion impacts rather than halt them. It should be noted that the rest of the entity's body grows alongside the shell, maintaining a constant ratio where the shell composes roughly 20% of the total body mass, with other tissues growing or shrinking alongside the shell. This also enables crude regeneration, as should SCP-XXXX's core body take damage, mass will shift from the shell to replace the lost mass, and vice versa. It should be noted that while the shell-to-body ratio remains consistent, bodily proportions do not, resulting in grotesque changes in appearance alongside growth.

SCP-XXXX is agreeable and compliant with most Foundation orders, and in general attempts to act unthreatening and friendly. The entity appears to harbor a strong desire to protect humans, stating that "To protect my kin is my reason for being". This correlates with SCP-XXXX's claims of once being human, though it should be noted that these claims have yet to be validated. It is highly impressed by and curious of current technology and society, and shows a knowledge of history leading up to approximately the year 1336 AD. It speaks in a dialect matching this time period, referred to as Middle English. SCP-XXXX shows a strong desire to view and explore the outside world, as it claims that "With such marvels, it must be a utopia" highly resentful of humanity, and has repeatedly expressed a desire to destroy it entirely. It responds to human interaction with hostility and disgust, and will attempt to convince listeners to release it, stating "It will be the first service you have done to the world in a long time". The entity views humanity as wasteful and violent, and has shown a firm belief that humanity is "Not worth saving" and will soon destroy the entire planet alongside itself. This may explain its actions, as from its point of view destroying humanity would spare the rest of the world.

The main ability of SCP-XXXX manifests itself whenever any liquid blood outside of a living body enters a radius of roughly 3.3 meters around it, although it seems to be able to detect blood spilled in a far larger radius. At this time, the blood will begin to flow towards SCP-XXXX, regardless of incline or surface, and will begin to pool around the entity unless obstructed. SCP-XXXX will absorb the blood into its shell, and will grow in physical size relative to the amount of blood absorbed. No upper limit has been shown to this ability, although different types of blood have shown to have different rates of growth, with human yielding the largest increase. While in an expanded state, SCP-XXXX has shown itself to be capable of directly draining an organism of blood upon causing a laceration on the organism, and then making physical contact with the injury. This allows it to rapidly exsanguinate its victim and replenish itself simultaneously.

Interview XXXX-1:

Addendum 1: On 3/2/████, a containment breach was instigated by an attack from the Chaos Insurgency, and SCP-XXXX was released from containment along with several other anomalies. For the duration of the breach, SCP-XXXX aided personnel in fighting back the hostile party using its abilities. As reward for good behavior it was offered hours outside of its cell, but it declined, and expressed confusion and distress for 4 days afterwards.

Addendum 2: On 3/20/████, SCP-XXXX convinced researcher ██████ to inform it of various political happenings in the world. It should be noted that this goes against standard procedure, and researcher ██████ has been punished accordingly. Upon learning of several wars going on in the Middle-East and Africa, it requested further information, which was denied. SCP-XXXX then retreated to its' containment chamber for 4 days, during which time it was unresponsive to attempts at communication. At the end of the period, it announced that it would accept the prior offer of hours outside the cell. Upon being released, SCP-XXXX proceeded to attack the security personnel assigned to it and absorb their blood, leading to a containment breach that resulted in ██ casualties. Containment procedures have been revised accordingly. Upon recontainment, SCP-XXXX gave the following statement:

"In the face of such plenty, mankind still fights. For so long, I sought to protect them from the hardships of the world. I see now that it is not the world that is the aggressor. It is humanity."