"Motion" - Testing a concept for myself to view

i'm Ian Clark. i'm currently working on an SCP concept.

Item #: SCP- <to be decided>

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-<█> is to be kept inside a lead box, submerged in a pool of water with its dimensions at-least 50 m x 50 m. the water must always be in motion, with either interaction or a device specifically made to create motion. this must be on a contraption that rotates freely in 360 degrees.

SCP-<█> must always be monitored in three-minute intervals. During the period of time between monitoring, no human form may not see SCP-<█> physically or virtually.
A life-form, preferably a marine creature of high intelligence capacity must be inside its pool of water.

Description: Found during an excavation near the Sahara's, 13/03/1898, SCP-<█> first held by [DATA EXPUNGED], is assumed to have been taken to the foundation during 03/04/1901, and was soon discovered to prove dangerous when its requirements are not met.

Researchers have found out that SCP-<█> demands motion, any kind of motion.
SCP-<█> seems to be able to detect motion in an oval shape, with either farthest point always facing the poles. SCP-<█> is known to cause gravitational, directional disorientation when SCP-<█> is not sensing any motion within its sensory range.

SCP-<█>'s sensory range, is shaped as an oval which fluctuates in size, biggest measured to be 21.3 meters from both its furthest points, and 11 meters in its lesser points.
both furthest points always facing the poles.

SCP-<█> Seems to get agitated when seen for a prolonged period of time. usually a time period of 2~3 minutes.

SCP-<█> When Virtually angry, SCP-<█> will enter a state which is seen to be continuous, will cause its usual effects but said to be much much worse and unavoidable. effects known to happen to any kind of life form in an circular area which spans 2.3km in diameter.

When motion is not made in within 3 days prior to the start of SCP-<█>'s rage, effects such as nausea, headaches and hallucinations of events that the affected being fears mos; worsen.. causing insanity or worse, permanent loss of sense of direction.

There is no current logical explanation as to how SCP-<█> came into existence or how SCP-<█> is able to do any of the above.

In case of a prolonged failure in meeting SCP-<█>'s needs, a human subject must stand directly above its box above the water, must place a cradle on a floating board tied to the sides of the pool to keep it directly above its box. if and when the said cradle stops, a new one must be set, triggered and left with it in within 20 minutes of the removal of the previous cradle. continue process for two to three days, and SCP-<█>'s effects towards the living will stop.

[WIP,13/03/2018, Clark.]