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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be suspended using electromagnets in a spheroid made of high-density concrete brick panels, arranged in a truncated icosahedron 30m in diameter. Each plate is to be cooled and replaced in a staggered pattern with maintenance personnel wearing full-body radiation suits. The interior of the construct must maintain a pressure of at most 5.0*10-4 Pa, maintained by four 600hp vacuum pumps. This method is expected to be satisfactory up to 120,000,000 degrees Kelvin.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a ███████████ brand incandescent 60-Watt light bulb that is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 70,000,000 degrees Kelvin. Such temperatures have been achieved by triggering SCP-XXXX's primary effect. When an idea or original thought is conjured within 53m of SCP-XXXX, its temperature increases dramatically. What exactly constitutes an idea is up for speculation, but the following have been shown to increase the temperature of SCP-XXXX

  • Solutions to common life problems such as conflicting plans or financial problems.
  • Solutions to societal issues such as poverty or climate change
  • Ideas for acts artistic expressions such as novels, paintings, and music.
  • Solutions to engineering problems, including containing SCPs.

Of interesting note is that the quality of the idea seems to correspond to the temperature increase of SCP-XXXX.

Problem Solution/Idea Temperature Increase Notes
World Hunger Worldwide mandatory birthing limits. +5000K Initial discovery of SCP-XXXX in ███████ ██████ Highschool in ██████, Wyoming, in a Contemporary world problems class, resulting in the building catching fire. See Incident XXXX-a.
Containing SCP-████ Cardboard Box +20K Part of a series of experiments investigating how idea quality affects temperature increase.
Containing SCP-████ See current containment procedures for SCP-████ +75000K SCP-████ has not breached containment since the reinstatement of the current containment procedures 12 years ago.
N/A To use SCP-XXXX as a "quality control" for containment protocols, expedition proposals, and other Foundation Decisions. +4K Lowest recorded temperature increase to date.

It doesn't take an all-knowing lightbulb to know that using this thing to judge Foundation activities is a bad idea, but this thing can save lives.