Idea's are bullet proof

For Foundation staff with any ideas for containment of SCP-5256 is to contact the site staff at Site █ The basic of the idea is to be written on a sheet of notebook paper before entering SCP-028 containment chamber. Said staff is then to expand on notebook paper to while inside SCP-028 containment chamber.

After which the finish hypothesis is to be filed and sealed inside a standard Foundation folder. To which the person or persons are to hand over to site director ██████ after leaving SCP-028 containment chamber, where the report will go through channel kappa-mike until it reaches Damocles' Sword. Before leaving Site █ the person or persons are to be given Class A-Amnestic in regards to their submission in order to avoid the contents of the hypothesis not fall into the hand of SCP-5256.

A pair of hearing aids.

It is believed that the tattoo dub SCP-5256-0 is the main competent that allows SCP-5256 to exist. The top phrase translated from Latin as 'By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.' as a source from an English occultist Aleister Crowley diary. Moreover, this phrase seems to allow SCP-5256 to differentiate lies from truth. While the bottom Latin phrase, "Scientia gravis est, praeter non mens et anima est." roughly translate to, 'Knowledge is key, but is not mind and soul.' Which preserves SCP-5256 as an entity.

The clothing worn by SCP-5256, depending on the type of clothing such as a shorter sleeve shows the arms and legs, while long sleeves obscure the skin. Moreover when asked to remove the clothing currently worn by SCP-5256 by an observer the results shown is that of a black void outline by simple human anatomy. With legs and arms connecting to a torso and neck stopping short to where the clothing obscured the skin.

With the lines extending over an unmeasured period of time towards the bottom of the right page. However, if an entry is shown to one person about someone else's info that the viewer knows about the subject of the entry, that info appears on the page. During testing, SCP-5256 explain that the pages about each person who can see it can go into more detail if the content is willing to be shared by the person whose name is stated on the page. However, if the person who is the subject of the entry is more of a private individual the content of the page will not reveal any of the info in the entry even if the subject of the entry reads out loud parts of their entry. Moreover, an entry containing the info of an observer of SCP-5256 dies; any info not shared by the subject will remain blank with the content only visible to SCP-5256. With the lines on the top right page converging onto a single black circle with an outline at the bottom middle of the right page.