Ideas are Bullet Proof

Item #: SCP 5256
Object Class: Euclid Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The proposed containment procedures are written down on paper and filed under: "The Wedding Ring Goes on the Right Hand" due to 5256's anomalous nature. All electronic files pertaining to SCP-5256 containment are to be deleted and the hard drive destroyed. To view the proposed file in regards to SCP-5256, please see Dr. ██████ and O5 █ for approval to view the file. For Foundation staff with any ideas for containment of SCP-5256 is to contact Dr. ██████. The Foundation think tank group code name Damocles' Sword has been put together and lead by Dr. ██████ by approval of the O5 Counsel. All those who test negative to the ability to observe SCP 5256 may sign up by contacting Dr. ██████.
An artist sketch of SCP-5256-0

Notice from Damocles' Sword: In regards to simply deleting SCP-5256 Entry or editing its access requirement is not an option. It already beat us to the punch when it requested it SCP number be 52561 when the entry was being created. Moreover, SCP-5256 as far as we know, hasn't left the Foundation Custody since its first appearance before Agent Bukowski. Moreover, those wishing to join the think tank should know any ideas or proof of construct on how to contain SCP-5256 will only be discussed with other members of Damocles' Sword at Site 73 Room ██. All proof of constructs will be written only on paper, and no electronic devices are allowed in the room. At the end of each day, personally involved in the think tank must undergo Amnesic treatment to avoid SCP-5256 ability to see progress made by the think tank.

Description: SCP-5256 is an entity that can be view by some people, but not everyone. The entity view by people claims that 'he resides in the unused space inside people's brain'. MRI scans of subjects who can see SCP-5256 show increase neural activity when SCP-5256 is present. It is believed by the think tank that SCP-5256 only physical existence is that of a bio-electrical current. SCP-5256 can be visually perceived by approximately 65.3% of the general population. The rate of visual perception within D-class personnel and Foundation staff shows no conclusive pattern in the subjects' personality or sociability. The only found consistent pattern to SCP-5256 lies in the remaining 34.7% of the general population unable to perceive SCP-5256. Those unable to observe SCP-5256 after learning of the entity existence share one common trait: their mindset is cognitive dissonance in the religious term. See Test Log: 5256/A for a detailed report. SCP-5256 is described as 6'8" Caucasian male with hair. The clothes worn by SCP-5256 varies from subject to subject. But the variable that remains constant is as followed:

  • Always seen wearing or holding a Brown Fedora.
  • Wears half finger gloves and a watch on the left arm.
  • A tattoo on the back of the left hand. Dub SCP-5256-0
  • A pair of military dog tags.2

It is believed that the variables that remain constant are what the entity was wearing when it initially died. While the changing variables are base on the observer personal taste in clothing and style preference. However, SCP-5256 noted that it didn't have a Tattoo on its left hand when it died.

SCP-5256 anomalous ability manifest when people can see, hear about or read about SCP-5256. However, it is not guaranteed that the person who learns about SCP-5256 can see SCP-5256. Those who can observe SCP-5256 are unable to describe a consistent point of view what its facial features are like. With observation reports ranging from blue eyes to green eyes, A beard or mustache, hairstyles, to even what kind of clothes worn. However, those who can see SCP-5256, a new entry is made in SCP-5256-2.

All attempts to record the information present in SCP-5256-2 have failed unless copy down onto paper. When SCP-5256 shows some of the pages of SCP-5256-2, each page contains a person full name and date of birth on the top left-hand corner of the page. With a series of colorful lines emanating from a black circle with an outline at the top middle of the right-hand page. With the rest of the page appearing blank to other people point of view.

Moreover, due to SCP-5256 existence as a bio-electric current, any information that is electronically stored can be seen by SCP-5256 and ends up in the back pages of SCP-5256-2. However, any information written down on paper, unless directly view by SCP-5256 cannot be written down in SCP-5256-2 or known by SCP-5256. Yet SCP-5256 cannot be captured via recordings or camera equipment electrical or analogy. And can only be seen via live viewings through secondary means of observation. All viewings on non-live electrical recordings show a gap in the footage. With a D class talking to SCP-5256 can be seen via live feedback; while reviewing the same footage after the fact shows the D class talking to himself in broken conversations. If SCP-5256 were to step on a weigh scale, observation range from close guess estimate by a scientist or someone personal opinion of SCP-5256. However, video recordings of the results show the scale not reacting to SCP-5256 presence.

SCP-5256 first came to the Foundation attention when local media coverage of the Michiana area started covering a hot debate over whether SCP-5256 was real in █/██/2013. Foundation agents sent to investigate SCP-5256 came back with mix reports with some agents in the area claiming to see SCP-5256 on live interview TV. While some agents on site had trouble looking for SCP-5256 in the ████ County Region. Agent Bukowski reported at one point at seeing SCP-5256 in the back of a crowd at a local Cafe'. When Agent Bukowski was able to get within arms reach of SCP-5256, Agent reports the entity had vanished. The hidden body camera Agent Bukowski was wearing at the time after review lack any visual sightings of SCP-5256.

When the debate died down after a month the search was written off by the Foundation as another snipe hunt. However, when Agent Bukowski returns home on ██/██/2013, the next morning SCP-5256 appears before Agent Bukowski, asking him to report to work at Site ██, and to report SCP-5256 into Dr. ██████ After which SCP-5256 started wondering around the facility, making sure that other site staff could see it.

SCP-5256 claims to have born one ██/██/1994 at 4:02 am and died at his hometown during a gun shooting at it local Cafe' with his friends on ██/██/2011 at 4:02 pm. After taking a bullet from grabbing one of its friends out of the way from the shooter. With the shooter gun down by local police and then SCP-5256 rush to the local health clinic in an attempt to save its life. SCP-5256 apparently died at the clinic according to staff and doctors present at the time. However, all witness present at the health clinic is unable to recall SCP-5256 name when press. Moreover, after interrogation of the witness to the shooting and at the staff at the clinic conducted by agents seem to forget about SCP-5256 unless asking about the entity. Moreover, during the night of the shooting a local power surge leading to a blackout hit the town of █████████ where the cafe' and health clinic reside. Foundation agents sent to find the local police and health clinic file have come up empty. With the electronic file pertaining to SCP-5256 becoming corrupted. It has also been noted that due to the power surge that night, all paper copies of the report were not able to be printed out the next day.

With a little help from SCP-5256, SCP-5256 pointed towards the town local history branch. With the Foundation has been able to find a copy of the town newspaper printed the day after it died. However, the name of SCP-5256 in the newspaper was left blank as if erase after print; while the rest of the casualties listed remain unaffected. Moreover, SCP-5256 cannot seem to remember what its name is or what its home address was at the time of its death.

The O5 Counsel has unanimously voted in favor of allowing SCP-5256 to meet all staff members currently in the Foundation, in attempts to weed out any spies from other groups such as the Chaos Insurgency. SCP-5256 has agreed to reveal anyone who's been compromised or are working against the Foundation goals; stating 'I don't like the idea of people getting hurt due to greedy motivations.

Addendum: It has been discovered that SCP-5256 anomalous ability can also extend to work on other sentient SCPs. This came to the Foundation attention when SCP-5256 was being escorted down a hallway at Site-19 when SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B were traveling down the opposite direction. SCP-5256 walk pass SCP-131-A and B when SCP-131-A stop in its tracks and turn around to view SCP-5256 standing next to Agent █████. SCP-131-B stop at a doorway to see SCP-131-A not following it. The agent made a remark towards SCP-131-A to which
SCP-131-B apparently was able to observe SCP-5256. SCP-131-B then join SCP-131-A in looking at SCP-5256. SCP-5256 responded by kneeling down to look back at SCP-131-A and B eyeballs. After which SCP-5256 reach out its hand and patted SCP-131-A on the 'head'. SCP-131-A made a soft purring noise with it's babbling. After which SCP-5256 stood up and SCP-131-A and B turn around and continued on their normal course. When SCP-5256 brought out SCP-5256-2, he found an entry about SCP-131-A and B. With info on the left page not previously know about SCP-131.

Further testing with SCP-5256 exposure to other SCPs located at Site-19 and other containment site reveals it anomalous nature does not extend to the following:

  • Virus and biological substance SCPs
  • Info Hazard and Memes SCPs
  • Artificial Intelligence SCPs not aware of SCP-5256 or unable to observe SCP-5256
  • Inanimate Object SCPs
  • SCPs located in the Galaxy currently out of reach of the Foundation
  • Building SCPs or people currently trapped inside of an anomalous Building with no means of outside observation/communication by the Foundation.
  • Sentient SCPs not responding to Foundation attempt at communication.
  • Non-corporeal SCPs not responding to Foundation presences.

By unanimous vote of the O5 Counsel, any intelligence gathering of sentient SCPs will be approved upon submission of a written report of the SCP in question and to what info that may need to retrieved by the SCP in question. With SCP classes Safe, Euclid accept. Keter class SCP under strict reviewed. And Neutralized, Thaumiel Class are not optional.

Addendum: People who have an entry inside of SCP-5256-2 have started to vanish. This wasn't initially observed until a staff member receives a notice that several personnel has not been reporting for work for the last month. Moreover, current staff members still present who have been noted on the record that they knew some of the missing staff members, yet when asking all report the fact that they never knew the person in question.

The connection between the missing staff and SCP-5256 wasn't made until some of the staff ask to see the content of SCP-5256-2. After looking it was shown a new entry was made in SCP-5256-2 in red ink; the word 'taken' was written over the bottom of the right-hand page. When interrogated, SCP-5256 responded it didn't know about the missing staff. When asked why he didn't alert other personnel about this SCP-5256 has stated several times that it did.

SCP-5256 status was upgraded to Keter and all attempts to keep contact between the staff and the entity was made. Staff members are still vanishing. SCP-5256 has agreed to stay with one person in order to keep the remaining staff and new replacement staff from vanishing.

Addendum: SCP-5256 went missing. After SCP-5256 agreed to stay with one staff member only an attempt to keep out of other current replacement staff field of view. But on ██/██/█████, SCP-5256 was reported gone. All attempts to locate SCP-5256 has gone without results. It was also reported by field agents that an item of interest appeared out of nowhere at the cafe' SCP-5256 died at. A Brown Fedora, a green messenger bag, a pair of dog tags, and a small black book with red spine inside of the messenger bag. With all of the pages being burnt.

It was at this time SCP-5256 was declared Neutralized.