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A colorized representation of a radio transmission originating from SCP-4000. It is believed the "Triumvirate" based their pictograms off of this image.

Planetary Catalog Designation: SCP-4000

Threat Level: 0 Interstellar, 10 Surface-Bound

Resources: High amounts of organic and inorganic carbon, very high amounts of salinated dihydrogen monoxide, assorted proto-Protectorate weaponry.

Special Control Protocols: SCP-4000 is currently unsuited for permanent habitation. Due to the high content of dihydrogen monoxide on its surface and atmosphere, 19 satellites acting as water mines will be deployed in low SCP-4000 orbit. These satellites will siphon the salinated dihydrogen monoxide while minimizing risk to Protectorate workers.

The surface of SCP-4000 is currently home to several aquatic and terrestrial entities that possess a threat to Protectorate workers and citizens. As such, following the exhaustion of SCP-4000's dihydrogen monoxide, as well as any other relevant resources, it is to be quarantined.

Description: SCP-4000 refers to the planet formerly known as Earth. SCP-4000 possesses a biosphere suitable for supporting carbon-based, oxygen-breathing life forms, but has little land mass suitable for supporting non-liquid-dwelling life forms, with a land:water ratio of approximately 10:90.

SCP-4000 was the home planet of Homo sapiens sapiens, a species of sapient organism which was once prevalent throughout the Sol system. Homo sapiens sapiens colonized several areas in the Sol system, including the planets Mars and Venus, as well as Titan, the largest moon of the planet Hephaestia1, using primitive spacefaring technology, including rudimentary FTL travel.

SCP-4000 was largely abandoned between GSC 10997 and 11001 due to the proliferation of thousands of entities, objects, events and phenomena known to Homo sapiens as "SCPs"; this designation does not appear to be related to the Stellar Congressional Protectorate or any of its sub-organizations.

According to Homo sapiens historical records, "SCPs" are objects which have properties which were once believed to be abnormal in nature, and were cataloged by an organization known as the "Triumvirate"2. The classification of "SCP" objects as "anomalous" is largely due to a lack of scientific, cultural, or historical understanding by Homo sapiens sapiens. The Triumvirate organization, in particular, focused alternately on the detention or destruction of "SCP" objects, as opposed to scientific study or interaction with sapient objects.

Most knowledge of the "Triumvirate" comes from artificial satellites left by this organization in orbit around SCP-4000 containing documentation written in a pictographic format, presumably for ease of understanding to later civilizations. The number of "SCP" objects cataloged by the "Triumvirate" is estimated to be over 4,000.

Below is a list of assorted "SCPs" cataloged by the "Triumvirate", and translated by agents of the Protectorate.

A guide to Triumvirate Pictographs

A white symbol has a numerical value of "1". A white symbol with no barriers between individual squares indicates "0".

A magenta symbol has a numerical value of "2", and is used in conjunction with white symbols to denote numbers greater than "5".

Blue symbols are verbs, or mathematical modifiers. A cross indicates "adds to", a dash indicates "subtracts from", and a pair of horizontal bars indicates "equals".

Yellow symbols are nouns.

Green symbols denote positive or safe.

Red symbols denote negative or danger.

Orange blocks indicate the symbols within represent a chemical formula.

Black squares are null. Black lines appear to denote barriers between symbols.


Pictogram for Item "173"

Number: 173

Level(?): 3/53

Containment: Lock in container, 3 or more enter. Look at 173.

Description: Entered 19 19934 Built from (calcium trisilicate) and (unknown polymer, possibly artificial pigment). Immobile when observed. Kills5 by (decapitation?)

Emits (waste?)

The description of the 173 item closely resembles the Koshi drones used briefly by the Black Shroud rebels in the Rigel system. An attached picture, though heavily bleached, showed a similar body shape, suggesting the 173 item is a precursor to these items.


Pictogram for Item "914"

Number: 914

Level: 2/5

Containment: (Restrictions?) certain individuals allowed access only

Description: Large machine6, 18 (squared area units) Intake and output areas, five settings: destroy, damage, exchange, improve, (unknown, possibly "vastly improve"). "Vastly improve" equals (Homo sapiens with green outline).

The "914" document included a pattern for a frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum, which is evidently to be used to locate the "914" item. Due to its similarity to the GEAR devices present on most Challenger-class spacecraft, this has been deemed unnecessary.

Number: 882

Level: 2/5

Containment: Keep in liquid, at least 40% solution of H20+NaCl (salt water). Suspended by (Unknown organic compound) fiber, must be kept (in ill repair? degraded) at all times.

Description: Assembly of basic mechanical parts (gears, pulleys, screws, etc), susceptible to damage by H20+NaCl solution. Assimilates other metal items into it. Very durable. Not to be brought near items 217 or 2717.

The description of this object closely matches a holy relic of the Mekhanion. Furthermore, Mekhanion scripture references an entity known as the "Three-Pronged Army" which worked alongside them to defeat an entity known as "Karcka"; illuminated passages appear to depict a symbol similar to those seen on Triumvirate documentation When asked for clarification, Eternal Priest Bumarion answered: "The past is rusted.8 They gave much for us. The future is starbound."'

Number: 20009

Level: 1/5

(At this point, the document contained an informational repellent, which was bypassed through use of a memetic scrubber. The scrubber detected the presence of a photograph and an omnilingual meme which read "Remember us".)

Containment: Locate. Plead. Location Includes knowledge, genetics, cartography.

Description: Large complex. Resurrection imagery. SCP-4000 in flames, and then intact. Pictographs indicating it was built by "Triumvirate". Alterations. Warning symbols. Another omnilingual meme, which contained a stanza of poetry from an unknown source: "Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

The remains "2000" item were located in the center of a large crater, apparently caused by the eruption of a supervolcano some time following the exodus of Homo sapiens from SCP-4000. It is unknown why the "2000" item was built in such close proximity to this geological feature.

Crude pictograms depicting Homo sapiens sapiens communicating with one another.

A single dot.

Two dots.

Four dots.

Several dots.

Depiction of an organic carbon compound.

Several of these compounds, forming an oblong entity, underneath several depictions of water molecules, possibly indicating organisms in a sub-aquatic biome.

Several oblong entities growing limbs— a four-limbed organism, and a six-limbed organism.10

Several four- and six-limbed organisms.

Red symbol, meaning unclear.

Similar view. Greatly reduced number of organisms.

Four- and six-limbed organisms climb on a pile of organic and inorganic compounds. Said compounds roughly match the composition of the soil on SCP-4000.

Six-limbed organism shrinks. Several more appear, and are consumed by four-limbed organism.

Red symbol.

Four-limbed organism is alone. Four-limbed organism becomes bipedal over the course of several pictographs, possibly a crude depiction of evolution.

Bipedal and quadrupedal organisms co-exist. Four-limbed organisms are shown flying with use of wings.11

Symbol indicating a large amount of iridium on an impact course with SCP-4000.

Red symbol.

Large quadrupedal organisms.

Heavily stylized depictions of said organisms; believed to be a depiction of primitive art. Alongside an organisms are genetic sequences, printed in a format that can be read by Protectorate technology.

Bipedal organisms. Presumably Homo sapiens sapiens.

Large amount of water; pictograph alongside indicates that it is at its freezing point.

Red symbol.

This series of pictograms is the first in a long line, believed to depict the history of organic life on SCP-4000. Due to the abstract nature of several pictograms (which may correspond to religions, states, individuals, technology or concepts that are no longer extant) only pieces relevant to the "Triumvirate" are presented.


Either the history or the mission of the Triumvirate organization.

The first image shows four Homo sapiens standing in a row.

The second image shows one of these Homo sapiens being transformed into a green organism; the hue of green used here is distinct from the hue used to indicate "safe" or "positive".

Third image is similar, but depicts the green organism oppressing or killing a pair Homo sapiens with an unknown force.

The fourth image shows the three arrows of the Triumvirate symbol, in white, enclosing themselves around the green figure. The fourth figure is shown with their arms extended in the direction of the arrows and the figure, implying that they are the ones enclosing it.

The fifth image shows a quadrapedal entity and a black void enclosed in the three arrows; the meaning of the symbols is unclear, but appear to represent items contained by this organization. The number "4" followed by 3 "null" symbols indicates that there are at 4,000 of items such as these.

The sixth image is a map of SCP-4000 for the majority of the existence of Homo sapiens sapiens. Several locations are in green; due to the current state of SCP-4000, it is impossible to correlate these locations to areas present on the planet.

The seventh image depicts SCP-4000 as it appeared immediately before the departure of Homo sapiens sapiens. Referred to by extant H. sapiens sapiens as "Inundation"12, this event was triggered by an entity portrayed in another series of pictographs.

Pictograph-4000-251 is the oldest known depiction of the entity known as "Destroyer". Homo sapiens mythology refers to it as an anti-deific figure, something that "swallowed continents". it is estimated the "Destroyer" entity killed 90% of life on Earth, including 99% of all Homo sapiens.

Prior to the commencement of final quarantine procedures on SCP-4000, the following pictogram was transmitted from its surface, and received by all known Protectorate craft. It was later found that this pictogram was contained within the hardware systems of all Protectorate computers, encoded to activate upon the quarantine of SCP-4000.

Triumvirate symbol, repeated several times.

Hand of a Homo sapiens, with the second and third finger extended, repeated several times.