Image Replacement


Earliest crawl is edithis, but notable in that the filename from its usage on a university site suggests that it was from from (though tineye did not find it there). Thus, it might be CC but just with the original removed from the site.

Alt image:

004: Tineye only found fairly recent results for this one, source unknown.

Alt Image:

008: Earliest source on tineye is editthis

Alt image:

009: Earliest is us

Alt Image:

011: Found on a lot of vermont websites, didn't see any permissions

Alt Image:,_Maine.jpg

014: Earliest is us

Alt Image:

015: Earliest is us

Alt Image:

017: Tineye couldn't search

Alt Image: Too specific

019: Found on a "colonial voyage website" says its from British museum.

Alt Image:


Earliest source appears to be a msnbc story. The other image with the rashes is just from us.

Alt images: for the mold

and: for the rashes


Earliest image is from a dead link, appears to have been edited to use as a stock image for anti health care reform press releases. That variant is the one used here.

Alt image:

035: an iconic gif, can't be easily replaced.

039: originated on a now defunct Australian wildlife website.

Alt image: But needs someone to photoshop the eyes out.

042: earliest is us

Alt image:

043: Tineye can't search due to how simple it is.

Alt Image:

046: Earliest is us.

Alt image:

047: Earliest source: All rights reserved, so def not CC

Alt image: Pefunctory search did not find image approximating the original's likeness.

049: Earliest source was some german blog, but that was after it was posted here so original is unknown.

Alt Image: Iconic, would likely need an artist to photoshop or make a digital art piece or something.

50: source is Amazon.

Alt image: Due to the specific nature of the product and description, a perfunctory search yielded no alt images that fit the bill.

52: earliest is us

Alt Image: Replacing this one is difficult, as images of NY subway cars usually don't fit the time frame, have people in the picture, or aren't labeled as an A train as per the description.

53: this is from an image sale site, yikes, we better take this one down quick.

Alt Image:

067: Earliest for both is us

Alt Image: Hyperspecific description renders finding a replacement difficult

081: Image is from a now defunct ghosthunting website

Alt image: nature of the photo makes it hard to find an alt image that doesn't violate our gore policy or accurately reflect the original.

084: Earliest is from us for both. Gears says in comments he found the tower image from a random Google search, so it almost certainly isn't compliant.

Alt image:, potential options, would need photoshopping

085: Drawn by Yubi Shines, as far as I can tell. Can possibly be contacted at TinEye can't find anything.

Alt image: Would be easy for an artist to make a new one.

086: Earliest is us.

Alt image:

087: Earliest is us. Supposedly images were made by Zaeyde, we should contact her if able to find out if she has sources.

Alt image: Iconic. Picture of stairwell to be photoshopped not found with perfunctory search.

088: First image is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 from as mentioned by anqxyr in comments. Would likely need a tag similar to 173, but usable. Second image is from Los Angeles Times and won't be CC until 2033.

Alt image:

089: Image is from, a 1914 movie which is PD. Image should be good, although Accelerando noted in the comments in 2014: "Scratch that. Actually, if it's a picture that someone took, then it's not under Public Domain. The Image Team will look into this." no follow up, as far as I can tell, so possible image was cleared then.

Alt image: N/A

093: No image despite having the _image tag. Tag should probably be removed.

098: First source is offsite, but 404. All further sources are after the article's posting.

Alt image: CC-BY-SA 4.0

099: First source is offsite, image is fair use.

Alt image: Would require partial rewrite of page. Most paintings depicting people would be eligible.

100: No sources prior to article's posting. Author no longer present.

Alt image: Would require partial rewrite of page.