Imortalis's proposal: SCP-4824

Item #: SCP-4824
Object Class: Safe Euclid
Special Containment Procedures:SCP-4824 is to be kept at site ███, and is to be watched at all times by cameras with no more than four guards each stationed at the corners of the room (25 m x 25 m x 15 m) with no door, these guards are to be replaced with another set or guards every twelve hours1. Two D-class personal may also be permitted to socialize with SPC-4824 between 03:00 and 15:00 hours, but not long enough for them to become 'attached' to the subject.
If SCP-4824 is re-contained, it is to be locked in an underground bunker at site ███, this bunker is to be at most 6 m x 6 m x 8 m with 1 m x 1 m steel plates lining the floor, wired to a direct power supply with no more than four-thousand volts of charge. It is to be watched at all times by echolocators with no active sound feed broadcasted into the viewing room. Communication with SCP-4824 is to be strictly limited to an audio-to-text system, unless personnel is inside the room at the time. no entry into the room is permitted unless approved by a Class-B researcher stationed nearby, twenty-four hours before entry. SCP may request to see staff members and if SCP-4824 requests any staff member by name this request is denied unless personal is below Class-C. If SCP-4824 should request any contact with another SCP, this is to be denied and punishment is to be given2.

Description: SCP-4824 is a reptilian quadruped with a length of five (5) meters (including tail) and a height of three (3) meters, with five (5)-meter tall wings protruding from its back, when fully extended these wings double in size, giving SCP-4824 a wingspan of twenty (20) meters, its tail is two (2) meters long with a 50 cm pointed tip made of exposed bone at the end. It is covered in color-changing scales that can be changed into any color on the light spectrum, allowing SCP-4824 to go invisible to the naked eye (and certain detection systems) by becoming unobservable light frequencies that the human eye (or detection system) can't process. SCP-4824 identifies itself as female (despite having no observable sex) and prefers to be called 'Dae' (day) rather than its SCP classification number, but will still respond when called SCP-4824 instead of 'Dae.'

SCP-4824 is shown to be of high intelligence with high-regard for the life of all living things, refusing to consume live prey in all situations, D-class personal with suicidal tendencies are shown to lose these thoughts after exposure to SCP-4824 or even with any form of contacts with SCP-4824. Furthermore, depressed staff members become happy and sometimes ecstatic when exposed to this SCP, even normally negative personal become positive around SCP-4824, frequently claiming, 'She's the friend I never knew I could have,' these mental effects are permanent and the exposed remain in this state of happiness even if all memories of SCP-4824 are removed. Personal exposed to SCP-4824 don't show any signs of hostility toward it even after class-E and class-C amnestics have been used and they've been told that SCP-4824 is a ████████████. A proposed meeting between SCP-4824 and SCP-999 was shut down due to the risk of its anomalous properties affecting researchers and the chance of containment breach. SCP-4824's anomalous properties are labeled as a cognitohazard as those affected will attempt to release SCP-4824 if exposed for too long. (See Addendum-4824-A)

Addendum-4824-A: recorded events leading up to SCP-4824's containment breach, the researchers present had been watching SCP-4824 for the past month and hadn't shown any significant change in opinion toward the SCP prior to it vocalizing boredom from being captive after which both researchers began to show signs of stress.

Following Review of effects, SCP-4824 is to be kept in the Level 3 security wing of site ███.