Incident Report 3619

Latest image of Site-47 before Incident 3619-A, c. 199█

This document is a log/report concerning the incident on 4/19/20██, and future actions taken. Log written by Dr. Henderson.

4/20/20██: So, I asked Site-47's director how exactly we're going to explain to the locals why there's a pyramid halfway in the ground, and he told me to wait for instructions. I tell him, "That's not enough! There's gonna be an uproar if too many people see this!" But of course, he repeated the same thing. For those of you who don't know, this document is for something that happened yesterday with SCP-3619. Basically, they told 3619 to go get a pyramid (morons), and it brought back one of the pyramids of Giza. As a result, Site-47 was crushed under the pyramids' weight, and now we have a heap of stone in the middle of ██████. We'll just have to wait and see.

4/27/20██: I've got an update on instructions. Site-47 Director tells me that they've made a new K-Class for this one, and named it World-Exposing scenario. Apparently it's qualified for any SCP that runs a large risk of exposing the Foundation and all the SCPs. That was a bad idea, in my opinion. It'll just create more panic among the personnel if they give this a K-Class. However, instructions for now are to wait for MTF Lambda-5 "Hard Hats" and some third rate researcher named Jonathan Lemming to clear it all up.

5/3/20██: So, a bit of a problem has occurred. Dr. Lemming and MTF Lambda-5 are currently MIA. They have search teams out there as I'm writing this, but if something can make Hard Hats disappear, I don't think they'll be able to find them. They have a 30 day search limit before they are presumed dead and the search called off.

6/1/20██: It's been 29 days since they started the search. No luck so far. One more day, or the search will end, and MTF Lambda-5 will have to be disbanded. On the topic of Lemming, they still haven't found him either. However, one of the members of the search team heard a voice on the upper floor that was confirmed to be Lemming's voice. When they reached the floor though, he was gone. But the thing was, the search team said he didn't sound normal, or natural, as they put it. Which opens up a world of possibilities as to what happened.

6/2/20██: The search was called off today. MTF Lambda-5 and Dr. Lemming are now presumed dead, and White Rabbits is disbanded. They're still in the archives, however. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they'll make it out even if they are alive. I'll update this log next time something related happens.

11/2/20██: It's been a while. A memo was released from the O5 Council today. They said a body had been found in the remnants of Site-47. As to why they started up the search again without telling us, nobody knows. But the body, from what they told us, is ████████'s, the leader of Lambda-5. It's depressing, since they were one of the only teams that could deal with K-class scenarios. If a containment breach happens again, I'm not sure what we're going to be able to do without them. As for Lemming, well. Where to start. He's been sighted all over the country. He appears to not even remember anything about Lambda-5, 3619, or even the Foundation in general. Personnel have tried to talk to him before, but it seems like he's been subjected to a Class A amnesiac, or something along those lines. I don't specialize in amnesiacs. He lives a normal human life, like he never came to the Foundation in the first place. Like his last 23 years weren't spent in constant fear and solitude. Either way, it's bothering a lot of people, including Site-91's director, which is the Site Lemming came from. He's scared shitless, to say the least. I'll log the next time something happens.

Administrator Notice: Further publications were written, but were redacted according to further incidents related to Incident-3619. If you wish to know more of these incidents, please send a request through your Site Director.