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Item#: 0000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-0000 is to be stored in a standard object containment chamber at Site-02, dedicated to Safe-class anomalies. Access to SCP-0000 is restricted to Level 2 personnel and above. Daily containment procedures involve the assignment of one staff member to write an incident report within SCP-0000. These incident reports are to be reviewed by Site-02 personnel for compliance with containment procedures. Failure to write an incident report will result in Site-02 initiating high-alert status for one day. No other containment measures are required at this time.

Writing Procedures:

Guidelines that must be adhered to when composing content within the SCP, with the aim of averting more dire situations.
Author Rule
Dr.Raikin Loss of personnel is not permissible in Incident Reports.
Dr.Raikin Incident reports must exclude intruders, such as CI or GOC.
Dr.Raikin Incidents must involve SCPs that are easily containable.
Dr.James Loud Incidents should not incur damages exceeding one million dollars.
Dr.Raikin Incidents must be run by a level 3 personnel or higher.
Dr.Wasp Incidents may not be used to give yourself anomalous powers.
Dr.Raikin Incidents may not affect anyone above level 3 clearance.
Dr.Amiel Incidents that invovle fatalities must be even.
Dr.Mike Incidents may not be used to raise your clearance.
Dr.Rachel Reports concerning clowns should not be made under any circumstances.
Document requirments:
Currently known rules and requirments that must be followed in order for the document to not fail.
Incident reports must contain fatalities.
Incident reports should detail occurrences resulting in unfavorable consequences or adverse outcomes.
At least one SCP should be directly associated with the incident.
At least one SCP should be directly associated with the incident. It cannot just be SCP-0000.
Events cannot lead to significant global alterations unless such changes are an unintended result of SCP breach.
Events must impact more than just one individual, and the precise minimum number remains uncertain.
Events cannot result in the termination of an SCP.
Events cannot destroy SCP-0000.
Events that result in even numbers of fatalities will result in loss of a Level 3 clearance personnel.
Events can not cause natural disasters but they can effect the weather.
Events can not be used to create anomalies on purpose.
Events involving clowns lead to severe harm and fatalities.


SCP-0000 is a stack of Foundation incident report papers, approximately from the year 1972, appearing to be in a constant state of replenishment, as blank incident reports appear on top of the stack after previous ones have been removed. The anomaly was discovered by the RAISA department during routine inventory check of archival materials. Upon discovery, initial testing was conducted to determine the extent of SCP-0000's capabilities.

SCP-0000's primary anomalous property is its capacity to manifest real-world incidents based on incident reports written in it. Each day, one member of staff is required to write an incident report within SCP-0000, describing an incident within any Foundation facility. These incident reports are then monitored and documented by Site-02 personnel.

Notably, the incidents described in the reports are not restricted to events involving SCP-0000; they can encompass any incident occurring within a Foundation facility. However, all incidents must have some negative consequences or adverse outcomes to be deemed compliant with SCP-0000's properties. Positive or entirely benign incidents have not been observed to occur as a result of these reports.

Failure to write a compliant incident report on SCP-0000 will trigger an adverse event within a random Foundation facility. This event typically involves a breach of containment by a Keter or Euclid class anomaly. The specific anomaly and location of the breach are unpredictable.


Test Logs:

Known Reports:

Note: Only containing daily logs after testing period.