Plot Outline

  • 1989: Opens on Goldie Yarrow and Liz Day exploring the Australian rainforest as part of the Counterconceptual Division's early efforts, hunting an antimemetic gigafauna that's a distant relative of the Very Tall Things
  • The hunt for camouflaged objects uncovers a facility within the Daintree equipped with biometric security matching the standards of the Foundation, of all things.
  • Scene ends with Yarrow discovering that somehow, her credentials unlock the base's door and her and Day ready to explore its interior.
  • 1973: Jump back in time to the New Original Antimemetics Division, in which Yarrow is working with Ojobiru on what they'll later discover is the 3125 problem.
  • Talk about threat from Ojai, the possibility that some antimemetic creature might be chewing on their division members, 'forgot your birthday' quips.
  • Yarrow leaves to get Ojobiru a cup of tea for the both of them. Ojobiru is stalked by a female version of Gray, gets retconned too soon to respond like Kim did, and Yarrow is left with a leftover cup of tea for a woman who no longer exists.
  • 1989: Yarrow and Day wander the archive, coming across copies of notes from Yarrow herself that got dumped into the archive and forgotten about when the nuke flattened the Unthinkables. It's less antimemetically radioactive due to intellectual + physical distance, so stuff is somewhat less corrupted.
  • The documentation clues her into the fact that a) the Counterconceptual Division was one half of the Unthinkables' hydra, and b) that someone close was working with her on a problem that consumed them in the process.
  • They are not alone in the archive. The gigafauna stalks in behind them—and physically recoils from Day.
  • 1973: Brief exposition bit. Ojobiru was naturally 'hardened' like Adam was, and that in combination with the heavy chemical mnestic regimen she was on meant that she wasn't completely annihilated by the Grey warhead's effects.
  • Ojobiru spent the better part of a decade reconstituting her identity within the Fifthist-logic framework of her new 'host' a la Dr. Manhattan. It was about as fun for all parties involved as that particular transformation, too.
  • She comes to lucidity proper after the first 3125 outbreak gets flattened, disconnected from its signals by the nuke's effecs but still possessing a relatively small fraction of the retconning power her original form had. See SCP-SCP-033 for a demonstration of that.
  • End with her escaping the wreckage and seeking out the Foundation from her last memories of them.

Currently where my ideas for the plot end. I'm thinking about a possible ambiguous ending with Yarrow and Day here, though I'm not sure what that might involve as of yet. 2327 AEST Taffeta is not in the best state for brainstorming.