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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX-1 is to be kept unlit and on top of a pedestal measuring at least 1 meter in height and, said pedestal, is to kept in an airtight cell measuring at least 3 m x 3 m x 3 m, an airlock is to be between the inside of the cell and the outside. Inside the airlock there is to be a purification system designed to purify the air of SCP-3XXX-2. On the right side of the cell there is to be a 2 way mirror that is to be used to observe SCP-3XXX-1 and 2 during experiments.

Access to the inside of the cell requires the approval of at least 1 personnel with level 4 security clearance or above, and also requires that the subject wears a gas mask1.

Description: SCP-3XXX-1 is a pink scented candle that has been found to have had it's wax been mixed with human blood, and the wick is made of human hair. Neither of which ever run out when on fire. When the wick is lit, SCP-3XXX-1 will begin to generate a translucent pink gas, now designated SCP-3XXX-2, and will not stop until the flame is put out. All subjects describe the smell as soothing.

Upon exposure to SCP-3XXX-2, subjects will begin to hear the voice of the being inhabiting SCP-3XXX-1, during this a humanoid being made entirely of SCP-3XXX-2 will appear. If the subject is exposed for more then several minutes, then said subject will be able to communicate with SCP-3XXX-2 even when outside the containment cell. SCP-3XXX-2 is described to be very considerate, thoughtful, and soothing, but SCP-3XXX-2 has also been reported to constantly attempt to convert subjects to the religion that is Satanism, with high success rates. Once the subject has been converted, SCP-3XXX-2 will claim that he is the devil cursed to be a candle until his inevitable demise and will have the subject continue to be exposed to him until he is able to possess the subject and break containment.

Update 03.24.09: It has been discovered that if the wick of SCP-3XXX-1 is left lit for a period of approximately 7 hours it will cause a large amount of SCP-3XXX-2 to form, because of this SCP-3XXX-1 is to be monitored 24/7 to ensure no further incidents can take place and Dr. █████, along with all others exposed to SCP-3XXX-2, have been terminated.

Incident 3XXX-1: 03.23.09: SCP-3XXX-1 was left lit for a period of about 9 hours causing the floor of SCP-3XXX's containment cell to become covered in a thick layer of SCP-3XXX-2 and several humanoid figures, now designated instances of SCP-3XXX-2-A, were monitored to have been wandering around the containment cell. 3 D-class personnel were sent inside. D-49702 and D-46291 were told to collect samples of the instances of SCP-3XXX-2-A and D-45387 was told to extinguish SCP-3XXX-1. D-45387 approaches SCP-3XXX-1 causing all instances of SCP-3XXX-2-A to become hostile and attack the D-class personnel. A containment breach ensued, during which SCP-3XXX-1 was put inside of the foundation ventilation system by Dr. █████ after he survived an encounter with one of the instances of SCP-3XXX-2-A. This caused at least half of the onsite personnel to become exposed to SCP-3XXX-2. It was requested that SCP-3XXX be reclassified as Keter, and, after review from the O5 council, it was denied but had it's special containment procedures updated.

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You and two of your employees walk to the right side of the scrapyard near to entrance, and, just as they described, there was the dead body of an employee who was, according to the them, beaten to death by a man made of scrap metal.

you look at this in shock and tell one of them to go call the police while you and the other attempt to find this "scrap man". the two of you walk deeper into the scrapyard following foot prints on the ground.

you hear screaming and run to it to find a pool of blood on the ground, but whoever it was is gone now. the employee points out a trail of blood leading to the incinerator.

When the two of you get there you see it. It looked like a person but not at the same time. It was abnormally tall, it had long sharp claws, which it was using to tear into the flesh of it's newest victim before tossing the body into the incinerator with relative ease, and it appeared as it was some sort of robot skeleton.

It turns and sees the two of you. "Tsk. Tsk. Yet more intruders here to challenge the members of Assembly Required." It says before charging at the two of you. You successfully get out of the way and go to hide inside a broken down car, but your employee on the other hand wasn't so lucky. The being continues to rip the employee apart while he screams in pain, until it just suddenly stopped.

There was no screaming and both of them were gone. You breath a sigh of relief thinking you've just been seeing things. You get out the car and begin to walk away but then you step in the blood. You look down and realize this wasn't a dream, but was instead entirely too real. You hear it again this time much closer.

You wake up in a hospital bed feeling pain all over. You sit up and look down seeing deep cuts all over your body as your memory comes back to you. It attacked you and before it could finish the job there was the sound of at least a hundred bullets hitting it right in the head, resulting in it falling dead then and there.

You hear the door open then turn to see a well dressed man walk in. "Hello there. Call me agent Smith. You see I work for a company that wishes to take this… 'anomaly', so to say, off your hands, and for no additional cost we can erase this whole awful experience from your mind entirely. All you need to do is sign this." the man says as he holds out a pen and a contract attached to a clipboard.

You don't question this man once-so-ever and sign the contract immediately.

He takes back the clipboard and pen then pulls out a syringe with the words "A-class anesthetics" written on it and injects the liquid inside into your arm. The liquid causes you to pass out but as you do you can hear him answering a call. "Yes sir. SCP-967 has been acquired, containment in progress."

Side projects:

Item Description: A vacuum cleaner that, when activated, has enough suction power to destroy titanium that is at least .6 meters thick, with in seconds.
Date of Recovery: 04-12-201█
Location of Recovery: The city-state ███████
Current Statues: Destoryed by SCP-682 during an attempt to kill it.
Notes: We probably could have used this to destroy the tremendous amount trash and waste these facilities make. If we ever find another one please don’t try this again. -Dr. Williams