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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in an enclosed greenhouse at Site-D. Female personnel are to not enter SCP-XXX's enclosure between September 1 and November 30. SCP-XXX is kept within a negative pressure room on Site-█, filtered by HEPA vents that are to be changed once a month, twice a week when in bloom. SCP-XXX's watering and fertilizing are controlled by an automatic system. No female personnel are to enter SCP-XXX's vicinity at any time as result of Incident-XXX-1. Male personnel are to be thoroughly examined for any traces of XXX-A before exiting Site-█.

Description: SCP-XXX was located in █████, South America after tales of a magical flower, referred to as "The Goddess's Womb" by natives, emanated around the same time attacks from women were reported by tourists through social media. Upon discovery, Agent Lyon reported his partner, Agent Wright, forcing herself upon him and requiring immediate sedation. After SCP-XXX's transportation to the Foundation, Agent Wright refused any questioning and requested amnestics.

SCP-XXX resembles a flower related to the Orchidaceae species, weighing approximately 40 kg. SCP-XXX remains in a bulbous state until the beginning of September, where it will go into bloom that lasts until November. Human females breathing in SCP-XXX's pollen, referred to as XXX-A, enter a trance state and will search for human males for reproductive purposes. Those affected by XXX-A have displayed abnormal strength and result to aggressive force when locating a potential target. Effects of XXX-A usually lasts between twenty to thirty minutes, unless an affected subject is exposed to more XXX-A substance in larger quantities. Those born with pollen allergies have reported no allergic reactions when coming into contact with XXX-A.  

SCP-XXX has exhibited a level of sentient awareness and will at times prematurely discharge a considerable amount of XXX-A when a human female is in its vicinity. In order to understand if effects are influenced or forced, Researcher Donovan Sokol conducted a couple of experiments with female D-class personnel. Only one subject was able to give an informative interview after testing. (See Interview XXX-1)

Test XXX-1:

Procedure: A chosen female D-class subject is to be held inside a divided room observed by Sokol via one-way mirror1. One gram of XXX-A is released into the vicinity.

Date: 10-13-2000

Subject: Females D-class D-3214 and D-7823 

Results Log:

Both subjects at first displayed constant fidgeting of the hands while continuously shifting their weight. Sokol used an intercom to communicate and both D-3214 and D-7823 became active but nonverbal, pacing around the room and seemingly aware of Sokol's presence but unaware of his exact location. After one minute Sokol revealed himself through the one-way mirror, and both subjects immediately approached. They seemed to understand that there was a barrier between them and Sokol, and would verbally request to see him in person, in which he denied every time. Despite communicating verbally, both subjects would ignore Sokol's inquiries and commands and would only repeat their requests. D-3214 was the one to communicate the most while D-7823 displayed hostility and would beat on the glass with excessive force when Sokol stepped into close range. Both subjects remained transfixed for the next twenty-five minutes before losing interest and stepped away from the one-way mirror. D-3214 eventually inquired if the test was over yet, along with stating that it was "the weirdest feeling in their life". D-3214 displayed evasive behavior toward Sokol after testing. D-7823 was the only one to agree to an interview.

Donovan Sokol notes that both subjects were aware of the other's presence but weren't threatened by it. He's theorized that those affected by XXX-A would most likely aid each other when locating a target. 

Test XXX-2:

Date: 10-14-2000

Subjects: Female D-class D-1254 is chosen for their tokophobia2

Results Log: 

D-4923 is immediately given visual access to Sokol through the one-way mirror. Subject repeatedly exchanged glances with Sokol before purposely avoiding eye-contact and refusing to acknowledge his inquiries. After several minutes, D-4923 began to severely tremble before covering their face in distress and proceeded to suffer from a panic attack, requiring sedation. D-4923 declined any questioning.

Sokol notes that D-4923 had initially shouted the words, "Don't make me" before their panic attack.


Note: All test subjects reported early and heavy menstruation exactly one week after testing.


Incident-XXX-1: On April 5, SCP-XXX produced XXX-A out of bloom when inside its original containment. Foundation botanist Dr. [REDACTED]3 had been examining SCP-XXX before falling under XXX-A's effects, leading to the attack on SCP-909. The events have suggested to researchers that Dr. [REDACTED] may have been going by subconscious knowledge of the containment of male humanoids in a vicinity within close range.