Item #: SCP-CAT (CAT will be replaced with the Item number)

Object Class: ̶S̶a̶f̶e̶ Euclid

Special containment Procedures: SCP-CAT is to be kept within a
7 meter by 3 meter by 7 meter containment unit custom built
specifically for SCP-CAT with Corrosive-resistant plating re-enforcing the outside, there must be
no less than two bowls inside of the containment unit, filled atleast 1/2 of the way with cat food and water.
SCP-CAT must also be under constant watch using CCTV cameras planted inside of it's containment chamber.

No personel are allowed within the containment unit at any time outside of testing or re-filling of food and water.

Description: SCP-CAT resembles a longhair tabby housecat, however having larger eyes than a
normal non-anomalous cat, being within the same room as SCP-CAT will activate it's anomalous effects,
SCP-CAT will attempt to cuddle the nearest living human, said human will attempt to pet SCP-CAT even if said human hates cats.
Said human will from now on be called SCP-CAT-A, SCP-CAT-A's eyes will start to grow in size while also
laughing manaicaly, vital signs will stop after 5 minutes of exposure, SCP-CAT will then [REDACTED} SCP-CAT-A and then
lay down for anywhere between 1 and 6 hours, after this is done SCP-CAT will regurgitate a hairball which will
be called SCP-CAT-B, SCP-CAT-B is incredibly toxic to any living creature excluding SCP-CAT, All humans within 100 meters
of SCP-CAT-B will attempt to eat SCP-CAT-B, SCP-CAT-B will cause any living creature to grow cat-like ears and eyes to grow abnormally large,
after this the living creature will [REDACTED] and die. SCP-CAT has also been observed spitting large amounts of stomache acid,
this seems to happen only when one of the dishes inside of it's containment unit are nearly empty.
SCP-CAT has a enate sense of when it's being watched, SCP-CAT will be less likely to attempt a breach while under surveilence.

One Class D personel is sent in every time the food or water dish gets lower than half way empty, said class D will be under heavy guard while this is done.
Incident log SCP-CAT-1
At 4:** AM on 11/21/20, SCP-CAT breached containment, 5 personel were injured, 1 died, SCP-CAT's Containment chamber had small traces of stomache acid in some areas, while there was a large hole in one side of the chamber, DNA analysis confirmed that the stomache acid originated from a human (presumably a victim of SCP-CAT's anomalous properties)
inside of SCP-CAT's containment chamber, containment chamber was re-enforced with acid-resistant plating, CCTV footage
shows SCP-CAT spewing stomache acid at the east wall inside of it's containment chamber.
Post incident, SCP-CAT was reclassified from Safe to Euclid.