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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained within a 5m x 5m x 5m anechoic chamber. The chamber holding SCP-XXXX is absent of any materials capable of producing sounds from vibrations and uses a layer of rubber to reduce any sudden vibration that could be used as a tempo.

Any source of sound, including electronic phones and other devices capable of playing music in particular, are prohibited during observation, testing, or an interview and must be kept outside the chamber. Human activities that are associated with rhythm such as whistling or clapping are only allowed when required for testing or an interview. If such activity is allowed it should maintain a bpm (beats per minute) below 40 and must be produced by only one subject or observer. While human activities may be used, a metronome or a metronome-like audio program is highly recommended.

In the case of SCP-XXXX displaying hostile or uncooperative behavior, or making any attempt to escape the anechoic chamber, all metronome(s)/programs, and/or human activity must be stopped immediately and any subject(s) inside the chamber should be instructed to exit as slowly as possible. Attempts to extract samples from SCP-XXXX are currently prohibited due to the repeated loss of equipment, limbs, and personnel. All containment breach sirens near SCP-XXXX's chamber must be modified into straight sirens to be unusable for SCP-XXXX. Fully automatic arms are prohibited as they provide a rhythm by which SCP-XXXX may animate.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a white, female-based mannequin with a majority of its body covered in a black, reflective metallic substance that is currently unidentifiable. The original mannequin, before becoming SCP-XXXX, is estimated to stand at around 1.53m, SCP-XXXX's current height is 2.13m. Only segments of the mannequin - the face, shins, forearms, and anterior torso - appear outside the unidentifiable substance while the remainder lie inferior to the covered portions. While the unidentifiable substance is extremely durable, the original mannequin parts are made of plastic and can be easily damaged. If a part of the exposed mannequin is destroyed, the substance surrounding the destroyed part will melt into a soft composition, submerging the destroyed segment into the substance. After approximately five minutes, the mannequin part that was previously destroyed will reemerge to it's original form before injury and the substance will return to a firm composition.

SCP-XXXX can only move when it hears a tempo or rhythm, able to make single movements and motions per beat. SCP-XXXX can move by means of a broad variety of rhythmic sources; as long as there is a pattern and the source is close enough to be heard. For example, a fast-pacing heartbeat or footsteps can be used to maintain motion. SCP-XXXX has been observed to use vibrations to its avail as well as echoes. When there is no tempo or rhythm present, SCP-XXXX will cease all movements and remain stationary, falling if airborne. Transitioning to another source of tempo requires at least three beats of inactivity; if a tempo begins while SCP-XXXX is inactive, it will instantly start moving along with the tempo. If multiple tempos are present, SCP-XXXX will follow whichever tempo it finds more reliable.

SCP-XXXX possesses no means of verbal communication, but when animated by a tempo, can emit single clicks which as a series are translatable into Morse code.

Almost any object that comes in physical contact with SCP-XXXX will suffer an unnatural amount of vibration, usually resulting in the complete divulsion of the object or portion of the object contacted. SCP-XXXX ability to complete divulse an object or portion of an object is independent, occasionally causing an object to only partially vibrate, applying this effect to metal materials to produce a ringing tempo.