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Item #: SCP-3389

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3389 is to be stored in a standard locker with extra interior padding at Site 19. SCP-3389 can be obtained for testing by All Researchers Regular Researchers and Senior Researchers only (See Addendum 3389-02). For testing, scientist are required to wear High-protective sunglasses Rank I Eclipse glasses and above (See Addendum 3389-03) And disposable earbuds. Open (Unprotected) testing can only be attempted with Class-D and a desired SCP with clearance from Level 2 and above.

Description: SCP-3389 is a 6 cm x 2 cm x 4 cm cardboard box containing a packet of SCP-3389-1, Bang Snaps (Poppers, Pop-Pops, Etc.). There are currently sixteen (16) left. Each one is wrapped with the same type of packing tissue paper and weighs approximately .2 mg. The substance within the tissue paper has yet to match up with any of the results for any compound that has been tested.

SCP-3389 was found in ██████,████████. It was detected by the SCP Foundation in █/██/201█, when a supposed 'bomb' went off (Later to be recognized as SCP-3389-1), terrifying the city and causing a total of nine (9) to lose all hearing and vision. (all but one is deceased.)

When enough force is applied to SCP-3389-1, it will cause it to burst. Anyone with an open visual on the Bang Snap will immediately suffer from permanent blindness. Anyone with an open apprehension of the noise created within a 20 meter range will experience two busted ear drums and permanent deafness. 2 hours after being exposed to the explosion, the process of Total Sensory Failure (TSF) begins. The subject begins to lose the sense of smell, and quickly after that, the sense of taste1. About 20 minutes after, full body numbness will occur, starting in the tips of the body, such as the fingers and toes, and eventually cover the whole body. Soon enough, the subject will start to be unable to move their body, due to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject will then remain this way until death, which happens in an average of six months.2

SCP-3389-1 is extraordinarily powerful, but since it can be contained within a standard locker normally, it is classified as Safe.

Request 3389-01-k
Dr.██████████ Requested one (1) Snap Bang for Class-D testing. Request was approved. (18 left.)

Request 3389-01-B
Dr.██████ Requested one (1) Snap Bang for testing on SCP-3527. Request was approved. (17 left.)

Request 3389-01-q
Assistant ████ Requested one (1) Snap Bang for Class-D testing. Request was approved. (16 left.)

Request 3389-01-hh
███████ Requested one (1) Snap Bang for testing on SCP-096. Request was denied.

Addendum 3389-01: There was no discernible difference from SCP-3527 after the burst.

Addendum 3389-02: After the death of Assistant ████ due to exposure of SCP-3389, it has been decided that Assistant Researchers are prohibited from using SCP-3389.

Addendum 3389-03: According to Dr.██████████, he had experienced a bright flash (No sound) even with the Highly protective sunglasses. Now to use SCP-3389, everyone is required to use rank I eclipse glasses.

Addendum 3389-04: When Assistant ████ was exposed, so was D-13921. After Assistant ████ was unable to continue his work, Dr.██████ continued it for him. Testing of the senses of smell and taste on D-13921 were discovered to be lost.

Note: This is the first SCP out of many potential ones, so if it turns out terrible, then so be it. I'm allowed to write a note like this on a sandbox, right? (Am I even allowed to write about SCP's here?)
Note: It turned out terrible, so be it. BUT, I did learn a lot about what people wanted (Just a more formal, more interesting story) and how crosslinks SHOULDN'T be used, which is 'just because people will get the reference'. I am still going keep the SCP up on my sandbox (I took it down on the main site) because I want to see how far I have got since this idea.