Internal Security Orientation

Good afternoon, everyone.

You all were gathered here today because you saw a poster on the site bulletin board and were interested in what this orientation would have to offer. I understand that most of you here are currently operatives within a mobile task force or any other intelligence group. However, your current jobs here are irrelevant to this orientation. Not right now, at least.

I am 'SA-01453', otherwise known as Special Agent Haydrick Barnes. My designation as "01453" simply tells you what number I am among hundreds of currently or preexisting agents within my department. However, you won't be addressing me as either of these in public or in private, which I will address at the end of this.

I am assuming that you've all heard the rumor of a 'foundation inside the Foundation'. Let me ask you all this. How do you think the Foundation keeps track of everything yourself and others do here? How do you think they keep track of the information that was gathered? Keep in mind that we only have less than a hundred Site Directors, and only thirteen members of O5 Command. I don't think Foundation Command, consisting of only a few intellectually gifted individuals, would be able to account for everything that transpires, or around the world in other designated sites.

That is where we come in. That is what the job of an internal agent.

More often than not, you'll find at least one or two among a hundred Foundation personnel trying to do something that would slip right past the "all-seeing-eye" of the O5 Command. And, well, that means that they've also managed to bypass Foundation Command too. See, we're not responsible for what happens during an information breach. We're responsible for what happens before and after it.

Remember how in some of the more official documents, you'd have a certain few labeled with big 'ol text saying how the document is classified,— etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, —you get the whole idea. Well, that's not us. That's RAISA. You'll also, more often than not, find yourselves in some interesting debates with RAISA Officials about how information should be classified, which'll often result in some broken feelings at the end of it all. Regardless, we're placed in charge of ensuring that the information stays in. Whether that means having to destroy and evidence, to outright killing someone, or even destroying an entire site for that matter, anything that is taken out of the Foundation costs us more than you know.

Take a look at the photo to your right. See the man in the top-left corner in the black two-piece suit and the red tie? That's O5-5; commonly known as Aaron Siegel. More importantly, though, he's also this department's posthumous overseer. A bit of backstory about him is necessary to understand before we dive into the depths of how this department came to be.

He was one of the founders responsible for the creation of the Foundation, and also one of the first few O5 Councilors. During the early dawn of the Foundation, he was responsible for the documentation, record-keeping, and distributive properties of everything contained within the Foundation, and other important information. This is what would be later reorganized into the Records and Information Security Administration. His methods of tracking anomalous items or unidentified objects were later integrated into the Intelligence Agency, and re-branded in the Mobile Task Force. A majority of his methods, despite being old, are still used to this very day by modern training officers and intelligence agents. Unfortunately, things weren't all achievements and sunshine for Doctor Siegel.

In the early-to-mid years of the Foundation's fruition, both the Council and the Foundation was being compromised by several parties. The Global Occult Coalition, the Chaos Insurgency, and the Church of the Broken God especially, were all slowly gaining way into our core. At one point, Aaron recalled that one or two of the O5 Councilors with him at the Command Site attempted to assassinate him over a remark made about the Church. This was when he realized that the Foundation would never continue like this.

So he brought three O5s members to his office, along with four Site Directors. He proposed that a department placed in charge of investigating potential traitors and enforcing all internal policies— along with maintaining order throughout the Foundation— be formed in order to secure the future and safety of the Foundation, and the world. A foundation for the Foundation.

All of them agreed. However, instead of there being one branch alone, they decided it best to make it into two divisions under one branch, called the Joint Internal Enforcement Command, or JIECOM, lead and founded by Aaron Siegel himself.

The first division would be first called the "Investigatory and Internal Affairs Bureau", responsible for tracking potential spies and keeping an eye on the the groups trying to send them. You'd often find agents under this branch being more proactive within sites, and hanging around near the public sectors. And that's only if you would be able to distinguish who an agent was. After a few years, this branch underwent several reorganization efforts. The first one being the "Internal Affairs Administration", "Classified Operations & Disciplinary Action Department", "Internal Records & Information Activities Bureau", and finally, into the "Internal Security Department".

The other division would be called the "Infohazardous and Record-keeping Administration", which was later reorganized into the "Foundation Information Management", and finally into the well-known "Records and Information Security Administration". They were responsible for a majority of what they are responsible for today; the safekeeping of information, classifications, distribution, and so forth.

Both branches worked endlessly, day and night, trying to find leads on the spies that were infiltrating the Foundation. They searched from family records, book choices, art, past jobs, all the way to when you were born, what philosophy you followed, and much, much more. And you know what? It worked. At the end of the month, the JIECOM located and terminated around one hundred spies spread across Foundation areas and sites, including three convicted members of the O5 Council, and five Site Directors. All of which were proven guilty under the charge of corruption and collusion.

I was only until three decades after this operation that the O5 Council decided to dismember the JIECOM, and separate the two branches into what is now the Internal Security Department and RAISA. Aaron Siegel, having been more experience within both fields, was elected by the Council to oversee both departments. It was only until his disappearance that his control over RAISA and ISD came to an end.

To this very day, the agents within internal security continue to intercept these threats of spy attacks, sabotage attempts, moles, and much more. I'd say that both departments had it easy back when they were still under JIECOM compared to what we have to deal with today. With the growing number of external threats, groups of interest, sabotage attempts, traitors, and much more, we now have to outreach to those of you within this room.

Each and every single one of you were hand-picked base off of your culture, origins, age, experience, hobbies, and other characteristics. And no, I will not answer any questions regarding our standards, because if any of this got out, I wouldn't want some random person mimicking the characteristics that of someone who was going to be recruited into this department.

That poster you saw on the bulletin board? That was a sensory-programmed visual transmission making you think there was something there, but in reality, there was nothing. You may have been able to see it, but others could not. I'm aware all of that sounds scientifically and logically impossible, but if you stop and think about it for a minute, the Foundation is funded by organizations and governments all over the planet. We should have the resources and the means to be armed with that sort of technology. That being said, only those of you worthy to see that poster would have given the chance to come here, and now I will provide all thirty of you with a choice.

This job will require most, if not, all of your time here. Your dedication will be required, and your loyalty cannot ever be questioned. And I won't lie, either. This job is also extremely dangerous, and you will be involved in different quadrants within the entirety of the Foundation. Yes, this also requires you to travel a lot as well.

If you feel that you are not up to the task, leave now. You will not have any permanent penalties against your record for wishing to take a different path.

Five people left the room, huh? Well, good thing they looked at the photo of Doctor Siegel. That picture was re-forged into a manually-activated cognitohazard, which only affects people who leave any Internal Security Orientation. It was one of the tools that the Overseer provided to us, back in the early days. They won't be remembering anything that was discussed here.

What does this mean for the rest of you? Well firstly, you didn't come here to join. You came here to train for the job. As an incoming agent, you're required to withstand, tolerate, and have patience with a lot things, especially torture. That also requires you to understand methods of information retrieval yourself, including how to distribute, pertain, and withhold forms of information. So be ready to study and withstand a hell'a ton. You'll need it.

That's it for today. There's a private jet over at Air-zone 108-B. Pack your bags and any personal belongings, because they'll be coming with you to the Command Site.

One last thing: speak to anyone about what was said here, and you will be terminated immediately.

You are dismissed.